History has shown that woman are incredibly powerful beings – by Elna Burger

July 27, 2018
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July 27, 2018
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History has shown that woman are incredibly powerful beings – by Elna Burger

History has shown that woman are incredibly powerful beings! 

This is evident when we look at how dramatically our roles changed in the last two or three generations.

 How many women reading these words had a grandmother or great-grandmother working as a full-time professional? 

My suspicion is that it was very rare… 

In an extremely short time in relation to earth’s history we women have evolved from full-time homemakers into entrepreneurs, professionals and full-time employees whilst still fulfilling the roles of homemaker, nurturer, parent and partner.

Being spread so thinly we often forget about ourselves and if we do, we remember to take care of our exterior but what about our interior… our mind, thoughts and feelings – the part of us that drives the rest.

 How easily do we lose the balance of work, self-care and other-care? The pressure to keep the balance has increased dramatically!

What can be done about this in the modern world?

 Bringing the focus back to you, the individual who chooses to fulfil all these roles successfully, making you the priority, not for selfish reasons but because you realise that if you lose your footwork, the negative implications on yourself and others will greatly overshadow the time invested in yourself.

When we take charge of our minds, thoughts and feelings the results will be hugely beneficial! 

Increased energy, boosted productivity and enjoyment in every role we choose to play in the current day.

You have an immensely powerful mind; one brain cell is more complexly wired than the entire telephone system of the world.

 We have a choice in how we process information, therefore what might overwhelm you now could be perceived and processed entirely as enjoyment. 

Stress can become excitement, etc….

Imagine having your entire mind supporting you in every area of your life…

Author –  Elna Burger


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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