How to Arrange Faux Botanicals

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How to Arrange Faux Botanicals

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There are certain rules we live by when putting the finishing touches on any room. For example, every room needs a few books (whether they’re filling a bookcase or stacked neatly on a table) and something alive. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to constantly be arranging fresh flowers throughout the house. In fact, we love using artificial plants, and we’re sharing our tricks to making them convincing and stylish.

Consider Your Container

The first thing to consider is the container you’ll display your artificial plants in. Of course, you want something that works with the style of your room, but it’s also important to consider size and shape.

Sizing stems and containers for artificial plants

Just like a lampshade should be scaled to a table lamp, faux stems should be 2-3 times the height of your container and twice the width.

The other thing to consider is the opening of your container. Depending on the type of branch you’re using, you may need a vase with a larger mouth. If you’re using faux botanicals with very large leaves, like our Tropical Leaves, a vase with a narrow opening may work fine.

Bend and Fluff Stems

Most artificial plants have wire inside the stems to make bending branches easier. It’s important to fluff your branches before displaying them to give them a more natural look. Just like they would naturally, separate and bend branches to face different directions, move organically, and have different lengths.

Go For Impact

When arranging fresh flowers, we love to use lots of different plant varieties to create texture, but when working with faux plants, keep it simple. One type of stem used en masse has more impact and feels more authentic.

Finishing Touches

Paying attention to details can elevate faux plants and give them a more natural look. For example, we like to add moss in the bottom of faux potted plants to cover the base. Moss won’t wilt or die, but the texture finishes off the look. For arrangements that include faux succulents, rocks are a pretty addition.

Baskets for the Base

For large artificial trees and potted plants, pop those suckers into a basket. A pretty basket that coordinates with your room will tie your faux plants into the design.

Small Accents

You may not need large branches or faux trees in your room, but there’s always room for small pieces like our moss balls or succulent spheres. Add a few to a beautiful bowl or tray to bring a bit of life to the room.

You’ve probably heard warning about using fake plants in your room, and while even we’ve committed some of those crimes (climbing vines, anyone?), we stand by position that artificial and faux botanicals can be used stylishly throughout your home. Have you found these tips helpful?

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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