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How to choose the right breakfast nook

The breakfast nook is a perfect addition to any kitchen – large or small. Before selecting the breakfast nook furniture set, measure carefully the available space. The distance between the table and the bench should be about 40 cm, between the chairs and the table you should plan more free space, so that the family members can sit down comfortable. In small kitchens a narrow breakfast nook bench and a long table are a practical solution. If you wished to have a more compact breakfast nook set – opt for a corner bench and a round table. Cushions in different designs in bright colours will add the comfort and the decorative touch.


Breakfast Nook Styles
Decorating style aside, there are three main types of breakfast nooks: those with permanent or built-in seating, free form areas with no permanent seating or tables, and defined booths.


Built in
Built-in breakfast nooks often feature at least one bench or dinette that’s attached to a wall. Though this option limits seating flexibility, it has a very classic feel and can work well if you have a narrow rectangular area in your kitchen that you’re not using.


Free form
Free form breakfast nooks have no permanent seating or tables, and are often placed near windows to take advantage of the natural lighting. Round and oval tables are common in breakfast nooks that aren’t built in, and they’re also the best option for renters and people who tend to switch up their decor style as the seasons change. Small kitchens and apartments benefit from this style of breakfast nook because it’s much more flexible and you can more easily change the seating arrangements — whether you want to have a comfortable eating place for one or plenty of seating for a large family, a free form nook is best if you prefer versatility.


Booth type
Booth type breakfast nooks are similar to built-in ones, but these are highly defined and often use custom millwork to separate the space from the rest of the kitchen. Instead of millwork, some booth nooks are separated from the rest of the kitchen area with a wall partition or have a three-sided seating arrangement.


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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