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How to create a coffee station

If you are a coffee fanatic, rather than running to coffee shops to savour your favourite cup of java; you probably enjoy a good brew at home. You can create your own unique coffee station right in your own kitchen using your essential coffee making accessories. By selecting a special space to place all of your coffee making essentials, you will be able to enjoy your favourite cup that much faster and impress your guest as well! Here are a few tips to help you organize and stylize your very own coffee station.

The counter coffee station

You can style your own coffee station right on your own kitchen counter. If your counter is small, use a base, like a tray, to put all your coffee essentials in a group to decrease clutter. You can also add a shelf above your coffee machine to place cups, coffee, and other essentials. If your counter is large, simply arrange your station in a way that expresses your individuality by adding a coffee pot, unique cups, and whatever you like.


Carts and Side Tables
Using a side table or cart is great. They allow you to contain your coffee stand to a particular area creating a coffee station nook in your kitchen.

i2Customize it
You can customize your coffee station by creating a special cabinet to place all your coffee necessities. A customized coffee station is a great idea. You can close the station when it is not in use; thereby, making your kitchen appears less cluttered.


Additional items to include at your Coffee station

  • Containers for coffee and sugar
  • A carrying tray
  • Napkins
  • Special lighting if required
  • A vase for flowers or a succulent plant to add greenery


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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