How to decorate above your Lounge Suite

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July 13, 2018
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How to decorate above your Lounge Suite

Im willing to bet you invested a good deal of time and energy choosing the right lounge suite for your living room. But: what about the placement?

No matter how beautiful your suite is, it probably can’t hold its own while pushed up against a big, blank wall. Here, a look at 3 creative ideas on how to decorate above your sofa from one of my favourite designers Nate Berkus.

Sofa, Meet Window. 

This one’s so simple it’s almost criminal: Putting a sofa up against a window – or beneath one, depending on the size – can frame a sofa beautifully, as seen in this LA home designed by Nate’s firm. And when you close the curtains, you get a soft, beautiful backdrop that’s far more textured and interesting than a plain wall.

Large-scale Artwork x 2

In Karlie Kloss’s New York City apartment, Nate turned the space above her sofa into a focal point with two large drawings by Lukas Machnik. The trick to getting it so right: Center the pair above the furniture with only a few inches between them.


Shelving + A Burst Of Color

Placing your sofa in front of a shelving unit makes for a big impact – so many opportunities for great #shelfies! And if you incorporate a bold colour into the mix, like the yellow back wall of this unit, it brightens the space without overpowering it, like an accent wall might have.


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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