How To Decorate With Accent Chairs

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How To Decorate With Accent Chairs

How To Decorate With Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are the all–star utility infielders of decorating: They’re key players in any room, can change positions easily and pinch–hit wherever needed. From statement silhouettes to slipper seats, here’s the rundown on types of accent chairs and great ways to decorate with them.


What it is: Any chair with a strong silhouette, scale or color that makes an impact + elevates the space.

Where to use it: Where it will be spotlighted—in an entrance hall, in front of a window or to add a little drama to a space.

Try: Using one to add a spark of colour or pattern.



What it is: A chair on a swivel base, whether it’s a desk chair or upholstered armchair.

Where to use it: Give this style a spin anywhere you want comfort in motion–it’s great for TV viewing, conversation or versatile room arrangements, from family room to home office.

Try: Using swivel chairs in a small space for versatility.


What it is: An armless, low chair that can slip into smaller spaces.

Where to use it: It’s often used in bedrooms, where its lower seat makes it ideal for “slipping” on shoes, but it’s great any place where space is tight or you want an open, airy feel.

Try: Floating a pair in the centre of a room, where their armless style takes up less visual weight.


What it is: With an embracing, fully curved back, this profile is low, chic, comfortable and makes a strong design statement.

Where to use it: Its soft curves make it a natural for the bedroom, but its style quotient makes it living–room–worthy as well.

Try: A pair to create a conversation group at one end of a room.


What it is: A high–backed armchair with sheltering “wings” at the top, this chair was originally designed to block cold drafts and cozy up by the fire. Ours offer a more streamlined, modern version of this classic silhouette.

Where to use it: Wing chairs are great for adding height and a distinctive silhouette. Use a pair to balance the scale of a sectional or large sofa, or place one in a corner to create a reading nook.

Try: Using a pair as host chairs at the dining table.









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