How to Focus by Evelyn Tan

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June 30, 2018
July 2, 2018
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How to Focus by Evelyn Tan

In a world where we have hundreds of things happening at once it makes sense that we are easily distracted and struggle to focus on the task at hand.
If there is something that really needs your attention and you need to take care of it
here are four easy steps:
How to Enter The ‘Flow State’ Any Time: 4 Simple Steps

Step 1. Before you begin the activity, pause, then take three deep slow conscious breaths.
Let the mind be fully engaged in the breath for that time and nothing else.

Step 2. Focus all of your attention in the present moment. Pretend for the moment that past
and future do not exist. Take awareness to your sense perceptions. Be fully present in the

Step 3. Slowly, with deliberate movements, go about your activity. Make it into a meditative
practice but with an intensity of focus.

Step 4. Remain alert and keep the mind fully attentive to what you are doing in that moment
only not allowing it to slip off into unconscious mind chatter. Be completely absorbed in the
activity as if you had just been born into this world.
q You will find that the activity ‘comes
alive’ when you practice it with mindfulness. If your mind does slip off into ‘autopilot’ simply
guide it back to being intensely engaged in what your doing.
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