How to Style a Leather Jacket

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How to Style a Leather Jacket


A leather jacket is a staple in any well-rounded closet. This piece transitions effortlessly from season to season without need for expensive upkeep, and seems to magically make you look like you put 100% more effort into your outfit than you did. Luckily for us, there are endless ways to style these bad boys to keep your looks fresh. Get inspired to bring your leather jacket out of the back of your closet with these tips s to style your leather jacket.

Dress Up Your Athleisure

You know those Saturday mornings where you really want to wear your old pajamas to grab coffee and run errands, but you just *know* you’ll run into every person you’ve ever met? Throw on your go-to joggers and sneakers as usual, but add your leather jacket for that I-didn’t-just-roll-out-of-bed look.

Create a Monochromatic Plane Outfit

Black leggings, a black v-neck tee, and your leather jacket draped effortlessly over your shoulders is the perfect combination of chic and comfy for your next long plane ride. There’s something so simply stylish about an all-black ensemble, plus the added bonus that no one will be able to tell that you’ve spilled your mid-flight pinot all over yourself.


Layer Over a Sweater for those “It’s Freezing in the Morning but Sweltering by 1pm” Days

We can’t keep up with these drastic temperature changes all day long. Throw a hoodie under your jacket or a trench coat over to stay warm when it’s chilly, and drop the extra layers when it warms up.

Update Your Work Outfit

Little known fact: your leather jacket can be part of your business casual capsule wardrobe. The lapels are blazer-esque which adds structure to your look without being too stuffy. Add a silky blouse and a pencil skirt and get ready for Karen from accounting to be asking you for style tips all day.


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Margaret Hirsch
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