How to Style Your Kitchen Wall Shelves

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June 27, 2018
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How to Style Your Kitchen Wall Shelves








It’s a universal truth – we all need more storage. In the kitchen, we love working in wall shelves or a hutch to display favorite dinnerware, linens, and cooking essentials. But knowing how to style your kitchen wall shelves so that they’re both functional and pretty can be challenging. We’re sharing our best secrets for creating a beautiful and storage space in your dining room or kitchen.








  1. First Function

Above all, your kitchen wall shelves needs to be functional. This is a hardworking room, so you want all of your most-used items handy and placed on the most accessible shelves. Start by setting aside those pieces you reach for the most, then add those to the shelves first, placing them on the lowest shelves.









  1. Stack, Stand, and Space

More than likely, you’ll be using your hutch or shelves to store and display dinnerware, but we like to incorporate plates in different ways. For plates with decorative patterns, we like to stand them up to display the colour and textures. For your everyday plates that you use the most, stack them so they’re easy to put away.









  1. Add in Linens

Typically, we think of adding table linens to drawers, but we like to work them into our kitchen wall shelves too. With glasses, ceramics, and metals, it’s nice to bring soft goods into the mix. Here, we neatly folded linen napkins, then let just the corner of our placemats hang over the edge of the shelf.









  1. Create Order

To keep your hutch from feeling too cluttered, symmetrically place items on a few of your shelves. We filled one entire shelf with mugs stacked in perfect straight lines and lined up glassware on another. For any set of shelves, you want to give your eye a place to rest, and tidy shelves help balance other more layered ones.








  1. Books

Cookbooks are a great way to bring colour to your kitchen shelves. Stand up books with spines facing out, and stack books to bring height to favourite serving pieces. One of our favourite tricks is to flip to a favourite photograph or recipe and place it facing out to fill the back of your shelf with colour.


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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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