“I cannot believe this is happening. This really is a dream come true.”

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September 18, 2015
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September 23, 2015
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“I cannot believe this is happening. This really is a dream come true.”

I recently appeared on the Afternoon Express show and talked about how I encourage young girls to start their own businesses.

Viola Museka is a 19 year old young lady whose dream is to become a fashion designer.  She lives with her mother and 2 sisters,  in her uncle’s home as they are battling financially.  Her friend Angel watched the Afternoon Express and advised Viola to get in touch with me.

After hearing Viola’s story I knew I had to do something to help her get her business off the ground.  I offered her a few of my evening dresses that I have worn at different events.  She is going to use the dresses to open up her own business.  When young girls need a dress, she will alter them to fit the person and rent it out.  With the money she makes, she will buy more dresses and grow the business.  She would like to help girls who cannot afford matric farewell dresses as she never had a matric farewell of her own.

Once Viola has saved up enough money, she would like to study fashion design as creativity is her passion.

Viola said, “I cannot believe this is happening.  This really is a dream come true.”

If you would like to donate any of your own evening dresses to Viola and her new venture, please contact me and let me know.



Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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