February 25, 2016
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February 26, 2016
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Hirsch’s Umhlanga recently hosted their Business Networking Morning for the month which was kicked off by a motivational and inspiring introduction to Community Chest.

“The Community Chest’s vision of a country where all individuals and families reach their human potential is based on the fundamentality of access to Health, Education, Income-Generation and Community Development. These 4 key strategic focus areas facilitate social change to inspire a citizenship that is active, engaged and impactful” Said Community Chest’s Executive Director, Michael Deegan.

Career Coach, Richard Perumal, closed off the morning with a motivational talk on empowerment titled “ P to the power of 4.” He elaborated on these four points that you need to focus on, Purpose, Power, Performance and Potential.  Richard went on to explain the common quest that he discovered as a life and business Coach, “How can we realise our full potential? How does one manage the fear/risk of the unknown in terms of career, life, business? How do we remove self-limiting factors so that you can unleash your full potential and unlock new opportunities? “

Each business person in attendance had 30 seconds to introduce themselves and promote their business to allow for networking afterwards.

Pat Hutton, a regular attendee to Hirsch’s networking events commented afterwards “I really enjoyed this morning; I met so many different individuals from various businesses that I am going to be in touch with.”

For more information or to attend our next event please contact Kayla Bell on or 031 570 4000


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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