The Cause of and Solution to the Barrier of Resistance
September 9, 2016
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September 12, 2016
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Just do it

Quote of the day: 

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” —Amelia Earhart 


As the following story illustrates, our limiting beliefs often make obstacles look bigger and more difficult than they actually are. 

An old farmer had plowed around a large rock in one of his fields for years. Several plowshares and a cultivator were broken on it, and he had grown rather tired of the rock. After breaking yet another plowshare, and remembering all the trouble the rock had caused him through the years, he finally decided to do something about it. He’d had enough! The farmer went to the shed to get some dynamite to blow the rock to smithereens. But when he put his pry bar under the rock, he was surprised that it lifted up so easily. Turns out that the rock, which had been such a huge obstacle all those years, was just a few inches thick, and that he could easily break it up with a sledgehammer. As he was carting away the pieces, the farmer had to smile, remembering all the trouble that the rock had caused him over the years, and how easy it would have been to get rid of it sooner. Wha t had seemed so huge an obstacle was actually quite small when he was able to get a closer look at the problem. 

What sort of obstacles, or limiting beliefs are stopping you from making progress?  

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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