Just Imagine having a trusted friend

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October 28, 2015
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October 30, 2015
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Just Imagine having a trusted friend

The other day i was sitting watching my grandchildren play and itt made me think about

how we seldom let our imaginations run so we can have some fun.

So today try this…

Just Imagine having a trusted friend
The kind that will do anything that you ask,
They will bring you exactly what you want
no matter what you ask.

You could ask for a million Rand and they
would bring it. You could ask for the right
person and  you will meet them
You could ask for a new home, better health, more freedom,
more time to enjoy life, to put you on a track where you do
what you love and they would bring it.

Now Imagine telling them to bring you the wrong thing…
Imagine telling them that you want to be broke,
that you want to struggle, that you want be unhappy,
in poor health, that you don’t want to do what you enjoy,
and that you want life to get harder and harder…

You probably wouldn’t ask them to do any of that
But if you did they would simply bring you what you ask

You see you have a great friend who will do
anything you want,bring you anything you ask.
It’s always at work.
It’s working for you right now.
That’s right, it’s at work  this very minute

But if you’re not giving this  great friend
of yours the right instructions then this friend is
not helping you and so you’re not getting what you really want

How do you know if you’re giving it the right instructions?
How do you know if it’s bringing you what you want and not
what you don’t want?

Take a look around and do a quick checkup of your current life.

Are you making as much money as you want?
Are you in the kind of relationship you want?
Are you living where you want to live?
Are you in the job or career that you want?
Is your business growing the way you would like?
Are you healthy or in great shape?
Do you have the freedom you want?
Are you doing the things you enjoy?
Are you happy and confident?
Do you feel like you’re on the right track and that
you’re heading in the right direction?

If you answered “no” to any of the above then you’re not
giving your great friend, that powerful partner
the right instructions.

And the more “no” answers you have, the harder life will get.
That’s because you’re giving your great friend and
partner the wrong instructions.

That friend and partner is your subconscious mind.
It’s always at work.

It simply follows your thoughts and beliefs.
These are the instructions for your subconscious mind.

Give it the right instructions and tell it to bring you what
you want, so that you enjoy and live the life you want.
You do that by changing your thoughts and beliefs.
So that they’re focused on what you want.
Then your subconscious will bring you what you want.

Now just imagine… it’s 6 months from now and…
you have what you want in life,
You have more money,
you’re in a great relationship,
you have that great job, you’re in the right career,
your business is growing, you’re health is improving
you’re in better shape, you have more money, you have
less stress, you have more inner peace, you believe
in yourself and you’re getting what you want in life

It can and will happen when you direct the power of
your subconscious mind to bring you what you want…
It can and will happen when you start doing that today
Now is the time to take charge, direct your subconscious
so that you get exactly what you want
Simply follow the steps I outline and you’ll have your
powerful friend, that great partner – your subconscious
mind working for you and bringing you what you want

You have tremendous power
You can accomplish anything you want.
You can achieve any goal you want.
Start working with the power of your subconscious mind.
Eliminate those negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.
Start believing in yourself and your ability.
Get your subconscious mind working for you today

My grandchildren have fun letting their imagination run free

Now you try it and imagine that anything is possible all you
have to do is believe… so believe in you

Sending you positive energy for a terrific day

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.