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Let go of the negative past and begin enjoying NOW!

At this time of year we have all set our new years resolutions!

t’s time to let go of the negative past and begin enjoying life again.

Those bad memories, bad relationships, that
resentment, anger and any negative experience
you’re holding on to needs to be released,
discarded, dumped into the rubbish – remember what they say

if you are holding onto a hot coal the only one getting burnt it you!!

Thinking about those negative events really
cripples you. It destroys any chance for
success and happiness

Thinking about them brings up pain, anger,
makes you feel sad or gets you depressed.

With those feelings consuming you there’s
just no way you can be happy and you destroy
any chance of great success because you’re
living in the past.
I know it’s easy to say:
“Just let go – move forward, forget about it, just let go.”

But that’s easier said than done.

Today I want you to  really let go of
unwanted events, emotions and situations,
passed or present that are holding you back…
you’ll start living the life you want, enjoying
greater happiness and begin moving forward.

When you hold on to negative experiences you
actually block our ability to move forward.

If you’re hanging on to a negative or unpleasant
experience then you’re naturally thinking about it
regularly. It may consume your mind for most of the day.
It may be your only focus and it gets you down everyday.

When that happens you prevent yourself from moving
forward and healing.

I’m not talking about memories we all have memories.
But how many memories do you recall regularly?
How many pleasant memories do you recall everyday?

Chances are you’re like most people and you have a
number of unpleasant experiences that you’re
holding on to, and that prevents you from moving forward.

These negative experiences can be a traumatic event
that took place during your childhood or a
fight you had with a friend which resulted in a
grudge that you carry and because of that grudge
you no longer speak to each other.

The more you carry the worse life gets, it’s that simple.

You’re carrying useless baggage that’s really slowing you down.

Think of it this way; you’re on a hiking trip and
along the way you keep picking up heavy objects,
things that really don’t serve you but you want to hang on to.

After a while these objects begin to weigh on you,
they slow you down and unless you get rid of them
you’ll never get to where you want to go.

You can begin to let go by simply getting your
mind to focus on something different.
Think of positive events.
Think of positive experiences.
Think about how you want to improve your life
and start taking steps to make the changes.

Doing this pushes your mind in a new direction and gives
your subconscious mind a new set of instructions.

You basically tell yourself and your subconscious mind that
you’re moving on and ready for more positive situations
in life. Your subconscious then helps you by directing you
to the people and situations that will allow you to move
forward and enjoy life. Start letting go today.
Start living a better, happier life today

It’s not about saying: I let go of the pain from my
fight with —- and move on.

That will help but if you really want to start
moving on then you have to get your mind to focus
on new things and in the process you automatically
let go of the negative events and situations that
have been slowing you down.

When you focus on more positive things
and focus on what you want you begin shifting that
energy and start attracting positive situations
to help you create the life you want.

The next step is to create a new action plan.
Let’s face it the past is over so what’s next?
Where do you want to go now?
How do you plan to get there?

You may not have the answers to all these questions,
but merely thinking about the options and the future
forces your mind to go in a new direction.

When you do this you automatically let go of
unwanted feelings and emotions.

Start focusing on what you want to happen.
Let go of the past and negative situations by
getting your mind to focus on different things.
Direct your subconscious mind to help you let
go by giving it new instructions. Start letting go today

Wishing you tremendous success…

PS: Remember — you only get one life and one chance.
Make the most of it. Stop defeating yourself, stop
limiting yourself. Create all the success you want and
deserve in life.

Start living now!

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.