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Living room lamps inspiration

Living rooms provide a space where we can unwind at night, and whether you watch TV or use it for reading and entertaining, soft lighting at night adds an amazing ambiance to your living room space.

Choosing the right lamp for your living room is vital to ensure you get the desired look and feel

Bigger is better

Space is the ultimate luxury, and if your lounge allows for oversized furniture pieces then bigger is better.

Fill a corner in the livingroom with an oversized, three-legged lamp to not only fill the space but to also brighten the entire corner with soft light at night.

This makes for a dramatic ambiance as light and furniture merge into one feature piece.

Tropical Treasures

For the more excentric at heart, the sky is the limit when it comes to matching the decor and ambiance of your living room with your daring personality.

A very big trend at the moment is all things tropical, from flamingo themed wallpaper to exotic fabrics opulently draped from the windows. Carry this through with a very unique tropical themed lamp to fit right into the look and feel you are trying to create.

Cosy Living

If your lounge provides you with a cosy and comfortable spot to read a book at night, then be sure to add a lamp that gives you just that.

A minimal over-hanging lamp will give you the necessary light to enjoy your reading, without cluttering up your livingroom.

Place a soft, bright globe in the lamp for a warm floor to ceiling glow at night, perfect for getting snug on the couch with your favourite book as companion.

Plush Luxury

Turn your home into a 5 star resort with soft, plush furnishings and lamps to match. Achieving this look is far simpler than expected.

Placing the lamps on either side of a big bowl of orchids will add sophistication and class to your living room, transforming it into your favourite room in the house.

Keep your colour palette neutral and allow the bold lamps and furnisher pieces do the work.

Bright and beautiful

Geometric shapes for the living room are attractive and practical. Not only do they add a sense of sophistication, the timless design ensures your accessories never date.

Have a bit of fun with colour and shape and dare to add en element of fun, like a parrot shaped lamp. It adds an element of light-heartedness

Keep your colour palette neutral and allow the bold lamps and furnisher pieces do the work.

Arabian Nights

The east has long been a mysteriously adventurous destination filled with its own charm. Their strong cultural history is rich with tradition and this is directly reflected in their interior design.

Incorporate a touch of this rich design into your own living space with Moroccan lanterns, either hanging from the ceiling or in the shape of a lamp.

Plant the light

Terrariums have gained massive popularity in recent years in major interior design groups. Merging function and style, the geometric shape and energy of life plants will bring growth into your living space.

Combine the function of a lamp with the decor touch of a terrarium to add a modern, contemporary look and feel to your living room.

Rustic charm

Rusti furniture placement is a fantastic way to create a more laid back atmosphere in the home and living room. Rustic decor is easy to find as well as functional.

Stack a few old crates ontop of eachother, and complete the loook by placing a new glass lamp ontop of the crates, giving you an extended coffee table.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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