Magical Persian Evening At Hirsch’s Centurion

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September 7, 2015
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September 8, 2015
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Magical Persian Evening At Hirsch’s Centurion

The evening was hosted by Hirsch’s and Ravat’s Persian Carpet Gallery who collaborated for a Charity Auction in aid of the ‘Girls with Dignity’ project that Margaret has been involved in. The project helps young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds with sanitary protection, allowing them to attend school on a regular basis.

Braving the icy weather, customers were keen to learn more about the carpets, and partake in the auction.

Ravat’s are purveyors of the finest Persian and Oriental Carpets and Kelims, and have the largest showroom of its kind in Africa.  In addition to knowledge and mastery of the subject, their name has become synonymous with consistency and integrity, as each carpet is issued with a certificate of authenticity.

Mr Ahmed Ravat did a lecture on the various types of carpets that can be bought, and explained the difference between an authentic carpet as opposed to a copy.  The use of natural dyes as well as the different wools, silks and cottons that are used in these hand-made carpets was also discussed. One carpet, which was made in 1910 was put on display to demonstrate how well these carpets age.  Customers were given the opportunity to look at the different carpets on offer, and find out more about the age and origin of the carpets they were interested in.

The lecture was followed by an auction, and some lucky customers walked off with extremely well priced carpets and delighted guests, the Le Seur’s,  won a lovely Afghan rug in the lucky draw.



Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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