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April 9, 2019
April 9, 2019
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Kym and Sandra Yancey are extraordinary entrepreneurs. They have built one of the biggest network organizations in the world for women.

They are the founders of eWomen Network, which has 118 chapters and over 500,000 members across US and Canada. Their mission is to help one million women create million dollar businesses.

Kym and Sandra’s beginning was not an easy one. They began with nothing but a dream and a few credit cards. After two years, they had maxed out their credit cards and were on the brink of bankruptcy, and thought about quitting.

But, Sandra’s mother said, “How would you feel if you quit 5 minutes before witnessing your miracle?” She encouraged them to keep going. They decided not to quit, and the miracle did happen—one person joined! Then another, then another, then another…and now they have created a multi-million dollar enterprise that has huge events across America.

Kym and Sandra have produced best selling books, movies, and TV programs. Plus, they have given over 100 grants to women entrepreneurs.

Here are their tips to help you build your success:

  1. When you are struggling, don’t despair, but rather keep in mind that failure and success are both on the same road,. Success is just a little further down the road…keep going!

  2. Things don’t happen to you—but for you. The universe is teaching you lessons you will need on your journey; so keep the faith and keep moving towards your goals and dreams. 

  3. Every master was once a disaster! But only those who keep growing get to become all they were truly meant to be. 

  4. You need to commit to mentoring and coaching because it helps you learn quicker, with less headaches.

  5. Keep thinking and dreaming about the possibilities! You only need 1 or 2 ideas to become wealthy! 

  6. And if you are going to dream, you might has well dream big!

  7. Come to terms with your fears and decide to overcome them by taking action.

  8. Develop relationships. Remember, you can be in business by yourself, but you can’t succeed at the highest level by yourself. 

  9. It’s better to take imperfect action than to perfect inaction. 

  10. Invest in yourself, because you can’t build a multi-million dollar dream on a minimum wage mindset.

Winning with Women!

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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