Motivation by Gavin Sim

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November 20, 2018
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Motivation by Gavin Sim

What does it mean to get started? It means taking action and not putting off what you need to be doing to realise your dreams. But first, you need to understand what your dreams are. You then need to form a plan that has a good potential to reach your dreams. Here are some tips that should help you with the process.

  1. Start thinking about what you want to do with your life.
    What are your dreams? Better still, what are your daydreams? What is it that you cannot stop thinking about doing when your mind wanders off? That is going to be a good start on what you want out of your life.

  2. Start thinking about your dreams in more concrete terms.
    Instead of imagining what it would be like if you were working on your dreams, focus on the tasks and goals that you believe can get you there. You don’t have to start them at this point. Think about the steps to take.

  3. Stop putting off little tasks.
    These are tasks that you keep putting on the backburner thinking you will get to them at a later date. But, you never do. When you start the process of doing the little tasks, you are setting up your mindset to accomplish goals, no matter how small. This will come in handy when you are ready to tackle the bigger goals.

  4. Find people who share your vision.
    Get them on board. You could look for partners for a business, or you can simply get together as a club or association. You will find people who are experienced in what you are trying to accomplish. They can give you a good start and can guide you along the way.

  5. Sometimes, you hold back on getting started because you don’t have the right skills.
    Find courses on those skills and begin training. The web has made self-training much easier, and you can explore this avenue further. Try to create a budget that allows for training.

  6. Conversely, don’t overtrain.
    You will never feel truly ready when trying out something that isn’t known. Therefore, you need to try it even when you feel there is more to learn. People learn much with experience. This can never be replaced by the training you receive.
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