Motivation by Karim Hajee

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August 13, 2018
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Motivation by Karim Hajee

Your beliefs shape and create your life and
they even impact your genes, to the point
where they impact your health.

Negative and limiting beliefs create negative
outcomes, have a negative impact on your
health and bring more difficulty into your life

So when you worry, get stressed, have fear
and self-doubt you create negative beliefs
which create negative outcomes that just
make life harder and harder.

Now you can change your beliefs. You can
create new beliefs – the kind that allow
you to succeed, thrive, improve your health
and create a much better life – I show you and
give you a simple system to follow

Over the last 20-years researchers and scientists
have discovered just how big an impact our beliefs
have on our life and overall health.

They discovered that by simply changing a single
negative belief to a positive belief can create a tidal
a tidal wave of good fortune, greater success and
better health

How do you know if you have negative beliefs?

Your beliefs are tied to your thoughts so if you have
negative thoughts then you have negative beliefs

Take a look at your life and where
ever you have difficulty or where your not happy, you
should track your thoughts related to that area.

For example if you’re having difficulty at work
or if you’re not happy at work then you’ll likely
discover some negative thoughts about work that are
tied to negative beliefs about work.

To improve your situation, your life and your health
you have to change the negative beliefs, get rid of
of them, create new positive beliefs and your life will
get a lot better.


I would like to help you change those

beliefs which are working against you and help you create
a new belief system – one that allows you to succeed,
enjoy life and feel like you’re in control. I’ve created a
simple system that you can follow one only requires a
a few minutes a day

Wishing you tremendous success…  

Sent with love,

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