Motivation by Karl Moore

January 21, 2019
January 21, 2019
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Motivation by Karl Moore

In 1918, Charles Schwab paid $25,000 to learn a neat little productivity hack.

I’d like to share it with you.

Ivy Lee was a highly-respected productivity consultant and entrepreneur. Schwab wanted him to make his executives more productive.

“Give me 15 minutes with each of them,” said Lee.

“How much will it cost me?” Schwab asked.

“Nothing,” Lee replied. “Unless it works. After three months, just send me a check for whatever you feel it was worth.”

Three months later, Schwab wrote Lee a check for $25,000 — the equivalent to over $400,000 today.

What was this productivity hack?


Lee gave each executive a simple 5-step method for peak productivity. And here it is:

   #1 – At the end of each work day, write down the six most important things you’d like to accomplish tomorrow. No more than six.

   #2 – Prioritize these in order of true importance.

   #3 – When you arrive tomorrow, focus on the first task. Work on it until complete. Then move to the second task.

   #4 – At the end of each day, move unfinished items to a new list of six items for the following day.

   #5 – Rinse and repeat.

Sounds ridiculously simple?

There are solid reasons for why this works, and why it was worth $25,000 to Schwab. Reasons such as single-tasking, forced decision making, and forming good habits. Research the Ivy Lee method for yourself to learn more.

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