Motivation by Shaun Zang

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July 10, 2018
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Motivation by Shaun Zang


I just wanted to share with you something that happened today.

You see, I attended my good friend’s wedding this afternoon. It was a glorious occasion, a beautifully decorated ballroom, with nice shining dining-ware nicely displayed on every table. Every detail was taken care of to the T.

It was such a sight to behold.

I was really honoured to be the emcee for his wedding, and even more elated to be performing a couple of acoustic songs with the groom himself to entertain the guests at this glorious occasion.

What blew me away the most though, wasn’t the wonderful decorations of the amazing ballroom. Neither was it the grand stature of the wedding.

In fact, what truly touched me the most was the sea of love and gratitude that I was totally engulfed in. For those of you who have attended too many a wedding, it might seem like just another customary procession to go through.

For me, however, witnessing how the bride and groom gave the most heartfelt thanks to the people who saw them through their formative years, who painstakingly brought them successfully to where they are today – such moments of gratitude are priceless.

As the bride and groom were giving their words of appreciation to their loved ones, I was peering on at the faces of their family members, eagerly on the receiving end of these words of love. Their faces were wrinkling up with pride and joy as they soaked in all the gems of gratitude being sent their way.

The mother of the groom, especially, had her eyes so fixated on him, emanating a glow of pure joy and happiness, as he spoke word after word, giving thanks for all that she had done for him.  

These were words of gratitude that were seldom uttered on a day to day basis; So much so that on this very special day, they were lapped up with much eagerness and pride.

This drove me into a deep state of introspection.

Why do we have to wait for special occasions like a wedding, a birthday, a publicly celebrated day like “Mother’s Day” or “Father’s Day” or “Valentine’s Day” to show our appreciation for our loved ones?

Why can’t we be offering such words of gratitude more frequently, even on a day to day basis?

Why can’t we be more Mindful?

Well, we live in a fast paced society, where we are often so caught up in catching up with our never-ending avalanche of tasks and assignments. For the more conservative of us, we are also shy to express our deepest emotions, and it is never easy to dig in deep to utter those words of love and appreciation to our loved ones, even if we really feel and mean it deeply.

Friends, what I had witnessed today is this powerful sentiment known as GRATITUDE.

It brings wonders to the people on the receiving end of it. It also brings immense joy to the people who actually offer it. So think for a moment, of the people who really matter in your life.

As hard as it may seem, do something today to show your appreciation.

  • Give them a call to catch up.
  • Thank them for the simplest of tasks that they have done for you.
  • Make an effort to do something for them to make their day, if words do not come easy to you (like they don’t to me, at times)

Because the people who truly matter to you, truly deserve to know how much they really mean to you.

Show them your love, your gratitude.

Do it now. Do it today.

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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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