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Motivation by Shaun Zhang

All of us have fears, don’t we?

Fear exists in all shapes, sizes and forms.

It could appear in the form of…

– a fear of bugs,
– a fear of heights,
– a fear of death
– a fear of public speaking (which incidentally ranks higher than death!)
– a fear of change
– a fear of betrayal,

and the list goes on.

Why do human beings experience fear?

To answer this, we need to understand the human psychology.

Humans are naturally creatures of comfort. We naturally would like to remain in familiar situations, and are wired to stay in our “safety” or “comfort” zones.

Therefore, whenever we are exposed to a potential situation which brings us toward unfamiliarity or perceived “danger”, our subconscious mind instantaneously releases a rush of chemicals which causes a racing heart, fast breathing and energy spikes. We are equipped with the survival instincts necessary to respond to fear when we sense danger or feel unsafe.

Fear helps protect us.

Or do they?

You see, it is great when fear protects us from danger and harm. Just like how fear initiates our muscles to jump out of the way of an oncoming car. (Phew.. boy am I thankful for fear in this instance!)

However, when fear, in an attempt to maintain a sense of familiarity and status quo, prevents us from embarking on new journeys and taking on fresh challenges, we are severely limiting our exposures and growth.

– Imagine that due to fear, we end up not trying that new steak item on the menu (which could have turned out to be one of the best meals of the week!)
– Imagine that due to fear, we reject that promotion opportunity that our boss offers us. (which could have turned out to be the turning point in our career)
– Imagine that due to fear, we cancel the trip to the movies with that new friend from that Lunch Dating website. (who could have potentially been the love of our lives!!) 

So you can see, my friends, fear is a double-edged sword that has to be handled well in order for us to reap maximum benefits for ourselves.

So how do we actually manage and CRUSH that fear of ours, in situations when we simply don’t need them?

I have got 3 simple solutions for you:

1) Focus on the end goal

Our minds are incredible creatures. What we focus on would manifest in our actions and behaviours. Hence, my suggestion would be to focus on the end goal of yours.

Why was I even thinking of going on that date in the first place? 
Mind’s Answer: To expose myself to more people to find Mr/Miss Right.

Why was I even thinking of accepting that promotion in the first place?
Mind’s Answer: To build my career and skyrocket my progress forward.

As you can see, as long as we remember and emphasize on what our initial aim was, we would more likely not be perturbed by the negative talk that fear would have instilled in us.

2) Speak to the right people

We, as human beings, are born social creatures. As the saying goes:

“You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with.”

Hence, it is terribly important that we, in a bid to give ourselves the right motivation and influence, speak to the right people who have “been there and done that” and who would be in the perfect place to advise us on our predicament.

For example, if you were considering whether or not to take up that investment opportunity that is being presented to you, you would not speak to your parents who have got traditional mindsets of frugality and who have got an extremely low risk tolerance, would you? You would, instead, speak to investment professionals with the specific knowledge in this area, so as to help you weigh up the pros and cons of such an investment. 

So remember, speak to and be influenced by the RIGHT people.

3) Take bite-sized actions

Sometimes, the biggest thing that scares us and puts us off any venture is the sheer enormity of the task.

– Lose 30 Kilograms in 6 months.
– Finish writing a 10,000 word thesis in 2 weeks.

The above sounds just downright intimating, don’t they?

Well if you think about it, as long as you break them down into bite sized actions, they may not seem that scary after all.

Instead of thinking of that 30 kilograms to be lost, focus on that 30 minute jog happening every other day.
Instead of stressing over that 10,000 word essay, emphasize on finishing 700 words every single day.(which is lesser than the length of this article!)

Most of us face enormous fears because we often OVER think and UNDER perform. We procrastinate and leave things to the last moments, only to find the task at hand so insurmountable.

As long as we keep at that task, day in and day out, chipping away at the block with small but consistent actions, we will find the journey so much smoother and palatable.
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