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May 8, 2017
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Never give up!

Are you giving up too soon?

Have you given up dreaming big and settled for a more “realistic” life – but still not getting what you really want?

Have you stopped believing that you can make a fortune, find love, or simply live a simple, enjoyable, happy life?

Stop! Don’t waste another second thinking small!

Don’t waste another day worrying about your bills, going to a job you hate, or being lonely and miserable.

No, I’m not asking you to stop paying your bills or stop showing up for work!

Instead, I want you to understand that your current problems don’t have to be your reality.

They can be the stepping stones that lead you to the life of your dreams!

Don’t give up, because the riches you desire are just around the corner. Don’t stop dreaming, because you can have better relationships, a happier life, and have everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Imagine that you find a treasure chest. If you open it, you’ll find such wealth that you’ll never have to worry about anything again.

But this chest is protected by an unbreakable lock, and you don’t have the key.

Well, “trying hard” and simply doing more of the same isn’t going to help you here.

Unless you have the right key, you won’t ever open the chest, no matter how “persistent” you are.

Life doesn’t give medals to the one who tries hardest. If you want to unlock the secret of a wealthy, successful, happier, better life … consistently … you need to have the right system.

Have you heard the story of R.U. Darby?

When Mr. Darby was in his teens, his uncle was smitten with “Gold Fever”. He went westward and staked claim to a piece of land. And there, he started digging.

After weeks of hard labor, he found gold ore! All he needed now was the right machinery to extract it and make millions.

When he heard of this discovery, R.U. Darby could hardly contain his excitement! He asked his relatives and friends for loans. And he gave this money to his uncle, who bought the right mining equipment.

They began drilling and found some gold. And then … nothing. The vein of gold had disappeared.

And the gold they had already found wasn’t enough to pay off their debts! Disappointed, they sold their machinery to a scrap dealer, and gave up.

However, that scrap dealer knew the power of the mind. He knew that having the right knowledge matters more than “hard work” and “persistence”.

He consulted a geologist, who found a fault-line at the very spot they were drilling! He calculated that Mr. Darby and his uncle had stopped drilling just three feet from a massive gold reserve!

The scrap dealer made millions, and Mr. Darbylearned a painful lesson. After such a huge setback, he could have given up and spent the rest of his life cursing his fate. Instead, he used this loss as a stepping stone. He decided to never give up again, and always be willing to try something new.

In a few years, he became one of the most successful insurance salesmen in America. For the rest of his life, he earned millions in commissions each year – far more than he would have made from that gold mine!

The next time you face a problem, don’t try to solve it by brute force. Use the power of your subconscious mind instead. Click here to know how.

The more you use your subconscious, the stronger your intuition will be. Your intuition is a sophisticated tool that can help you make the right decision, every time.

When you face a problem, don’t give up! But don’t be stubborn either. Instead, gently ask your subconscious to solve the problem for you. Then let go. Stop worrying about the problem and go about your business.

Before long, a perfect solution will present itself. And it will be far better than what your conscious mind could have thought of.

Your conscious mind puts a lot of effort into thought. It worries, gets distracted and thinks negative thoughts.

But your subconscious is an infinite resource of ideas that can work efficiently in the background and present a solution, if you let it.

I can show you how. For over 20 years, my methods have helped tens of thousands of people achieve their biggest dreams.

I will show you how to use the power of your subconscious mind to achieve everything you’ve always wanted. Click here to get started now

Wishing you tremendous success,

P.S. A life of wealth, success and lifelong happiness might be just 3 feet away.

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