January 7, 2018
January 8, 2018
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One day you will succeed

One day you will succeed

One day you’ll have the success you want

Yes you will make more money,
Yes you will meet the right person,
You will make the right choices

Yes you will succeed…

It’s true, you will…

But most people don’t tell you that.

Instead, they’ll say that you can’t succeed,
that you can’t make more money
that it’s hard to meet the right people
and that you don’t know what to do or
that your not good enough…

You start to believe them

And that’s when things get more difficult.
Life goes from bad to worse.

You want more and you should have more.
Yes you should live in that
house you always wanted
Yes you should drive that car you want
Yes you should have more in your bank account

And you can have all that… when you
follow the right steps
When you do the right things at the right time
When you have your powers working for you and
not against you…

And you can… because today I’m giving
you the simple steps that lead to success
I’ve laid it all out for you
These are the same steps that I followed to
achieve the success I want
They’re the same steps that thousands of
are using to succeed and live the life they want
They’re the same steps that the most successful
people in the world follow everyday…
Now I’m sharing them with you…

Success doesn’t magically happen

Success is the result of following the
right steps over and over again.
It’s the result of doing the right
things at the right time.

Years ago I tried doing what ever I felt would
work or thought would lead to success.

But it didn’t work very well.
I never got a ahead.

So I talked to the most successful people I knew.
These are incredibly successful people.

They all told me the same thing.

Decide what success means to you.
Then follow the simple steps – and just
keep repeating them.

Eventually you’ll believe you can succeed.
And that’s when things change.

So I followed their steps.
I made notes of what really worked.
And now I’m sharing only what works with you.
These are the simple steps that will lead to
dramatic success – so that you get what you want
and begin enjoying life again

Right now you’ve got all these negative
thoughts and beliefs that say you can’t do something.

Or you’ve got thoughts and beliefs that
say you’re always right and that you don’t need
to follow any specific steps, or that
you know everything.

But you still can’t get ahead.
You still struggle to make more and have more.
Things just don’t seem to work out for you.

And that’s because you’re doing the wrong things.

You may disagree,
But if you’re not enjoying the success you want,
if you’re not getting what you want,
then you’re not doing the right things
and you’re not directing your subconscious mind
to bring you what you want.

And so you just can’t get ahead.

So turn things around today.
Start doing the right things at the right time.
You’ll have the success you want
You’ll get what you want
You’ll make and have more money
You’ll live the life you want to live
You can get what you want
You can succeed
And you will live the life you want to live

Yes you can…
You have tremendous power
Now direct that power so you enjoy life
Wishing you tremendous success…
With love

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.