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February 12, 2017
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Experiment with different types of bread: soda; sour dough; rye; wholewheat; multigrain bread; low-G.I. bread; pumpernickel; ciabatta; paninis; pita breads; gluten-free bread; raisin bread; fruit bread; nut bread; croissants; naan bread, tortillas; wraps, etc.



Meats: Sliced turkey; pulled chicken/pork; smoked chicken; ham; bacon; sliced or chopped cooked beef; boerewors; sausages; Vienna sausages; mince; curry; corned beef.

Fish: Tuna; smoked salmon; pickled sh; cooked and aked hake; smoked trout; fresh salmon, or any leftover cooked sh; crab; prawns; mussels.

Vegetables: Roasted vegetables: masala potatoes; spinach; sliced mushrooms; sliced or diced brinjals (aubergines); sweetcorn; sliced red onion; sliced or chopped tomatoes; avocado; lettuce; rocket; watercress; mixed salad greens; endive; kale; green or red peppers; marinated artichokes; asparagus; garlic; sun-dried tomatoes; chillies.

Cheese: All types of cheese.

Other: Chutney; chakalaka; baked beans; cranberry sauce; pesto; olive tapenade; any pickles; mayonnaise; tomato sauce; HP sauce; tzatziki; Harissa paste; dukka spice; sage; thyme; parsley; coriander.

Fruit: Chopped pineapple; apple; strawberries.

Sweets: Chocolate: Nutella; banana and Nutella; Nutella and raspberries or strawberries; Nutella and marshmallows; dried fruit and Nutella; chocolate chips and dried apricots.

Fruit: Peanut butter and apple; apple or pear purée; jam and cheese; jam and stewed fruit; honey and mashed banana; ricotta, nectarine, and blueberry lling; goat’s cheese, honey, and walnuts; grated orange rind, cream cheese, scraping of vanilla beans, and sliced banana; lemon or passion-fruit curd and strawberries.


  • Dust sweet sandwiches with sifted icing sugar and scatter with berries when serving, for a great visual effect.
Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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