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“Please Forgive me … I’m Sorry … I Love You… Thank You”

This article was written by Clint McNeil and its a bit unusual but completely true… there is an old Hawiian word called Ho’opononpono it means

“Please Forgive me … I’m Sorry … I Love You… Thank You”

Today once again, please allow me to share with you, the ancient Hawaiian healing, system called Ho’oponopono (pronounced “hoh oh pohno pohno,”), some call it a prayer.

I know I have shared this with you before but I feel these concepts are well worth developing and practising.

(But if you want to skip this and just watch this brilliant YouTube interpretation, just click this link, https://youtu.be/7Qoq75-DQm4 )


About thirty years ago a newly hired clinical psychologist, Dr. Stanley Hew Len,
entered the Hawaii State Hospital’s criminally insane ward.

At the time, the ward was a dismal and dreary place where the patients continually attacked other inmates or staff members

Rather than inducing new procedures for the ward, Dr. Len came to work every day with a smile on his face and a cheerful countenance. He was also relaxed, but did nothing in particular except to look at the files of some of the inmates while they were seated in front of him.

Dr. Len practiced Ho’oponopono on each of the patients, not involving himself in interaction with the patient – or in changing their treatments. Amazingly, in a short time, the patients showed signs of improvement.

Members of the staff were also told about Ho’oponopono, and little changes began to take place in the hospital.

Walls were painted, gardens became beautiful again, tennis courts repaired and the use of powerful drugs were lessened.

Some prisoners were even allowed to venture to other areas of the hospital without being shackled first. The atmosphere eventually changed so much the staff actually enjoyed their time there.

There came a time where things improved so much there was no more need for the hospital.

Dr. Stanley Hew Len, became a legend in Hawaii.


Please forgive me..

I’m sorry..

Thank you..

I love you!

There are four main thoughts making up the core beliefs of Ho’oponopono and are repeated in healing ceremonies.

The belief that this all Powerful and Universal Force, it is also part of everything and everybody else. And therefore, coming from the same Source, we are all connected, having the same origin.

Also the belief that It has also given us the freedom of choice. And therefore we are responsible for our actions.

PLEASE FORGIVE ME ..for having these doubts, these limiting beliefs, such as, “I am not good enough… I am too young.. now I’m too old, I will never become a millionaire, I never have enough money, I am slow and dumb”. This thought is to focus on the positive areas of your life or ones bringing you peace and joy.

I’M SORRY.. for not believing that I am a Powerful human being, created in your image and likeness. I don’t even know where they have came from… It takes away the feelings you may have of engaging in thoughts of being hurt or criticized or arguing with someone in your life.

THANK YOU... for being with me always, loving me always, never leaving me, for all the wonderful things coming to me. This phrase is an appreciation of the forgiveness you’re receiving and for having the power to let go of the negative and become healed. You’re expressing thankfulness and love which restores your joy of life.

I LOVE YOU… my Source, the Power, the Vibration, the all loving God, for taking care of me. It knows me, It loves me, unconditionally, no judgement, no blame.

After repeating the above phrases, you’ll begin to feel a calming force or peace enter your mind and body. Respond to this feeling by thanking the source for the gift of forgiveness you’re receiving.

You can repeat these thoughts to any source you prefer – the Universe, God or a higher source or your own inner self. The only requirement is you must be sincere.

The sentences may be chanted as your mantra or you can repeat them one by one in response to a negative thought you have.

Repeat the sentences, anytime, anywhere and no matter what you’re doing. Let the sentences take the place of other thoughts or ramblings of the mind which are useless and could have negative connotations.

Your mind creates the consequences of everything you think, hear and feel. Your past experience and memories are responsible for the reactions and feelings you have about your present experiences

I love this beautiful YouTube adaptation of the prayer.

Enjoy! Have an awesome weekend! I love you!

“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love”. Mother Teresa

Sent with Love


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Margaret Hirsch
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