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Positive believes

You ever feel like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back?

I’ve felt that way sometimes and it can make you feel like giving up.

Before you give up, think about this:

  • Once you give up, it’s over.
  • Nothing changes nothing gets better and often things will just get worse.

So don’t give up.

  • Instead, believe in yourself,
  • believe that you can and will succeed and keep moving forward while filling your mind and subconscious mind with the right positive beliefs.

When you have the right positive beliefs your subconscious mind will make sure you achieve what ever it is you believe.

Sure there will be setbacks, and when they happen you have to keep going. Those setbacks make you stronger and your positive beliefs will help you overcome your setbacks quickly.

A long time ago a lot of people tried to convince a young artist named Walter to give up on his hopes and dreams.

His first big setback came when he landed what at the time was his dream job: working as an illustrator at a local newspaper.

Then he got fired. His boss told him he lacked imagination and creativity.

That setback forced him to look at other options, but he didn’t give up on his dreams.

Walter decided to go into business for himself.

However, that didn’t go so well. He struggled and had a number of failed businesses, some of which ended up bankrupt.

Still, he didn’t give up.

He kept going, kept believing in himself and kept pursuing his dream as an artist.

One day he went to visit his sick brother in California where he later learned animation. After his brother got better, they formed a company writing and producing animated short stories for a local theater.

A little while later, Walter came up with an idea – and created his own special character. It was a mouse named Mickey – and the rest is history.

Today that company he started with his brother back in the 1920’s is worth billions of dollars – it’s The Walt Disney Company

Walter Disney experienced tremendous success because he always believed in himself, did what he believed, never gave up and kept looking for new ways to succeed, despite what others said

Walter had the right thoughts and the right beliefs, and his subconscious mind just guided him to his eventual success.

You too can do the same – just don’t ever give up.

You may not make billions, you may make more.

However, you will succeed and you will enjoy life a lot more when you have the right thoughts and beliefs in place.

When those negative thoughts come up you need to put them aside and replace them with thoughts and beliefs that drive you to succeed.

Here are some examples of negative thoughts that can hold you back and force you to give up on your hopes and dreams:

  • I can’t do this
  • I don’t know how
  • It’s not for me
  • I’m not good enough
  • What if it doesn’t work
  • I’ll do it later
  • And other similar thoughts.

Don’t let these kinds of thoughts spread through your mind and subconscious mind.

Walt Disney likely had the same thoughts but he didn’t let them stop him.

He stayed positive and believed in himself.

You too can do the same.

  • And you don’t have to spend years removing those negative thoughts and negative beliefs.
  • You can get rid of them quickly and easily when you follow the simple system I’ve put together for you

It’s the same system that’s helped tens of thousands of people all over the world achieve their goals and live happier lives.

It helped them and it can help you click here to learn more

You can achieve your goals and you can have the success, happiness and wealth you want

Walt Disney never gave up and neither should you – so take charge of your mind and subconscious mind today

Get rid of the negative thoughts and negative beliefs holding you back… believe in yourself because you can… yes you can

I show you how – now it’s your turn to succeed

Take charge of your life today…

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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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