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Eitan Stern, a lawyer and the Founder and a Director of Legalese was the Guest Speaker at the popular Entrepreneurs Workshop hosted virtually on a weekly basis by award winning business women, Margaret Hirsch (Executive Director, Hirsch’s Homestores) and Marlene Powell (top Business Coach with ActionCOACH).

Eitan who has a background in commercial and entertainment law and tech entrepreneurship explained that it was important to draw up a simple contract with clients and suppliers (if need be) and make sure that the contract is signed off by both parties. “Be specific and clear with regards to your objectives. You don’t need a lawyer to draw up a contract. You just need to make sure that any agreements that are made are signed off by both parties. Make sure your company structure is firmly in place because after all, that structure is the land you build your business on whether it be a Pty Ltd, a Sole Prop, an NPC or a company with a hybrid structure.” He explained.

He also pointed out that one should go to the government websites to find out whether or not a license would be required to start up a business.

Join Margaret and Marlene this Friday, August 6 from 11 to 12, when their Guest Speaker will be Yael Geffen, the CEO and a shareholder of Sotheby’s International Realty, South Africa. Yael was the 2020 winner of Standard Bank's prestigious Top Woman in Property Award. She is also a sought after international Keynote Speaker. Follow this link to log on.

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