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Cooking like a Bosch with Izelle Hoffman and Margaret Hirsch was the title of this week’s virtual Hirsch’s Kitchen Capers event with the duo pairing up to cook up a delicious, healthy storm. They recreated one of Izelle’s favourite Christmas inspired recipes, baked butter bean dip with almond crust served with some roasted crispy sweet potato chips and a healthy salted caramel date sauce.

Izelle Hoffman’s Baked butterbean dip with almond crust.

Izelle’s health journey Izelle spoke about her journey of health and how important it is to find healthier alternatives to nourish your body. “There are amazing hidden health benefits in all foods, the butter beans we are using today, they are not only loaded with protein, fibre and alkalising properties but also have anti-inflammatory properties.” said Izelle. She also noted the importance of food choice. “It’s important to make better food choices something like a sweet potato is much healthier that a regular potato you can enjoy the same texture but instantly change it into a low GI meal.”

Izelle also gave some advice on other healthy alternatives. Margaret spoke about her journey with food “I have been a vegetarian most of my life but I have recently become a vegan and wow am I noticing the difference. I have so much energy, I feel energized all the time and ready to take on the world!”, said Margaret. She also explained that one of her favourite spices is Cinnamon. “Cinnamon is amazing as is also an anti-inflammatory but it is just superb for diabetics as it helps lower their sugar levels”, said Margaret.

Why choose Bosch: The duo made use of the Bosch show kitchen in Hirsch’s Centurion branch, where they whipped up the dishes in less than an hour. “I love cooking on an induction hob it just makes the cooking time that much faster” said Izelle. They also showcased the many fantastic safety features of the induction hob including the child lock feature. Margaret thanked all of the virtual guests for attending. She also reminded them of the next upcoming virtual kitchen Kapers. “Next time we will be making some Diwali treats. Join us on the 11th of November live on Facebook or on zoom to join in on the fun”. Upcoming event The next event will see the team in Durban, in the newly renovated state of the art Siemens kitchen, where Akshi Rajbansi will be baking some Diwali delights. Click here to register. Remember to grab your kitchen essentials here.

Remember to grab your kitchen essentials here. Stay tuned to my blog for your daily dose of motivation, exciting recipes, networking sessions, daily inspiration and much more.

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