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The Hirsch’s started talking going green since they started out 41 years ago in a tiny showroom in Durban North. Hirsch’s Homestore's have been very aware of their carbon footprint on the environment since inception.

What sets them apart Comments Margaret, Executive Director of Hirsch’s, “We have made use of Solar Panels in most of our stores to save on electricity and use LED light bulbs in-store”. They pride themselves on their Milnerton store in Cape Town as it is one of the most eco-friendly buildings in the area for a number of different reasons. “The paving in the parking lot lets water run into the ground to the over 100 trees planted in our parking lot which was previously an empty grass field”. “In Johannesburg, our company car is an energy-efficient Prius”.

Educating their consumers about the benefits of saving water and electricity when purchasing a new product is also a passion of theirs as it not only saves the customer money but helps the environment. “we really try our best to push eco-friendly products that reduce the use of electricity and less water”.

What products to avoid When it comes down to the product, we do not sell double hot plates as they waste electricity and are unnecessary. Hirsch’s also doesn’t sell bar heaters because they waste electricity. Customers are offered reusable shopping bags as this is better for the environment. Our Hirsch’s branded water comes in recyclable boxes as opposed to plastic bottles. We are leaders when it comes to selling energy and water-saving dishwashers. Our best selling dishwasher is the 6 l energy-efficient machines which wash your dishes with less water and electricity. We encourage the sale of front loader washing machines which are a lot more energy efficient than top loaders. “As a matter of fact, we refused to sell top loader washing machines in the Cape during the water shortage. We tend to promote induction hobs which use a lot less electricity than a normal hob.” “We will continue to strive towards helping to keep our planet safe and green and help educate our customers to do the same when it comes to the purchase of appliances and electronic goods.”

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