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Here are Liviya’s top 3 tips on How to avoid the post - holiday bulge:

1) Increase physical activity – do some form of exercise every day or twice a day. Even a daily walk with the family will help burn calories and get your mind off food.

2) Portion control – it’s hard to avoid big meals during the festive season, so try using a smaller plate to control the amount you eat. Also, eat a light breakfast and supper if you know that you are going to have a big meal at lunch time.

3) Be fussy – only eat a treat if you are really going to savour every mouthful and choose one treat - not all 5 on offer! Only snack when you are really hungry and choose real food e.g. fruit and nuts. Lastly, watch out for the hidden calories in drinks, especially alcoholic drinks.

Check out our post next Wednesday for healthy festive party snack recipes.

With Liviya Nutrition and Fitness as your wellness coach, you can now afford to live healthily.

Stay tuned for weekly #WellnessWednesay blogs with Liviya Nutrition and Fitness and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for daily inspiration.

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