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Gift-giving has become somewhat of an artform in the modern age, with internet access making traditional gifts obsolete. This is particularly true for gifts in entertainment, as DVDs and CDs are almost non-existent. Here’s a look at some innovative gifts in entertainment for those who seemingly ‘have it all’. Video Game Subscriptions Gaming is big business – and a lot of fun – so it’s likely there’s someone in your immediate circle who will benefit from a video game subscription. If they’re gaming from a console, such as an Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo, then there will be a subscription service that is linked to that brand. You can then purchase a either a few months, half a year, or a full year subscription to the chosen service.

  • Online Gaming

While some gamers prefer to play on TV, others prefer mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Fortunately, there’s a way to gift this form of entertainment as well, through an online gaming options such as the Xbox Game Pass. This will allow them to play popular games from anywhere in the world, all thanks to you!

  • Video Games

Those with consoles don’t only have to play online, they also have the option of playing from an actual video game. If you’re looking to buy an entertainment gift that has more substance than a subscription, then a video game is a great present. The latest releases can be quite pricey, but it translates into endless hours of entertainment. Streaming Video Subscriptions If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s the power of streaming content! TV and movie lovers will be very excited to receive a subscription to their preferred streaming service. Netflix is currently the biggest service available, but South Africans also have access to Amazon Prime and DSTV’s Showmax (although they’ll need a decoder and existing account). Depending on what size gift you want to give will determine how many months you want to pay for. You can also upgrade their subscription tier to play off more than one device at a time. You simply have to buy a gift card from the preferred streaming service which is then redeemed through its company website. Streaming Music Subscriptions For those that prefer audio over visual, there are many entertainment gifts for music lovers as well. Just as with streaming video services, streaming music services invite you to buy gift cards for monthly or yearly subscriptions. Granted the biggest internet music services, such as Spotify are free, the free versions are accompanied by adverts. You can invest in a ‘premium’, ad-free option for that special someone in your life.

  • Make a ‘Mixed Tape’

For something a little bit ‘old school’ with a modern twist, Spotify lets users created ‘mixed tapes’ that can be sent to other Spotify users at no cost. You can compile a playlist of all your favourite songs and share the gift of music! E-Reader Subscriptions Digital gifting extends to the book lovers out there where gifting a real book just won’t cut it. Most of the time, digital versions are a lot more cost-effective and can be accessed earlier than hard copies. Whether they have an e-reader or tablet device, you can buy them an all-you-can-read book subscription service known as Kindle Unlimited (and you don’t even need a Kindle device!). With a library of more than 1 million book titles, magazines and audiobooks, the recipient will be kept busy for days, weeks and months to come. The user does need to have an Amazon account to use the service though.

  • Comic Book Subscriptions

Even comic books have gone digital, making gift-giving that much easier for you! There are several comic book subscription boxes to choose from, with the Marvel and DC the biggest contenders. Digital Newspaper Subscriptions The days of awkwardly holding up a newspaper and squinting at the small print while wiping ink off your fingers are mostly behind us, but that doesn’t mean reading your favourite newspapers is going to stop. All the leading news’ providers, as well as magazines, are providing digital subscriptions that let you read off whatever device you choose. Why not gift a newspaper or magazine subscription for that special someone this year? Everything from your community newspaper through to The Wall Street Journal is available through monthly or year-long digital subscriptions. Just check the websites. App Store Gift Vouchers If you’re truly at a loss for what to buy that entertainment lover, then there’s always the option of an app voucher. The two biggest are Google Play and Apple iStore, with vouchers available online, in stores or via email. With this entertainment gift, you’re given the option of spending whatever amount you choose and the recipient has access to any preferred app purchase. Entertainment Gadgets If you’re looking for something more tactile than an online subscription, there are so many gadgets for those devoted to TV watching, gaming, videos and music.

  • Ear phones

  • Sounds systems

  • Digital pens

  • Gaming consoles

  • Gaming controls

  • Tablet or smartphone covers

Merchandise Another great option for the TV, music and movie lovers out there is merchandise related to their favourite artist or show. With a simple click of a button, you can order a variety of exciting objects, from the basic fridge magnet, coffee mug, T-shirt or onesie, all the way through to real-life replica items – including Jon Snow’s sword from Game of Thrones! Buying Tickets Realistically, it will still be a while before we’re able to attend cinema, concerts and theatres without risk, but that day is coming! When it comes to gifting entertainment, giving someone the experience of a live show or special screening is a truly meaningful gesture. There’s Always the DVD Option Sure, the internet has all but decimated the CD and DVD industry, but the truth is there are still some die-hard fans out there who prefer watching a show on Blu Ray than online. Most gaming consoles are DVD or CD compatible, but the real lovers of such items will, no doubt, have a CD or DVD player. This makes entertainment shopping quite simple! You can buy a DVD box set, special edition box set, or a live DVD of a memorable concert. Television Set And if you’re going for the ultimate in entertainment gifts, then you can’t go wrong with a new TV set. Many top brands are running incredible TV specials on high-end sets, making this a much more cost-effective gift than you’d previously thought!

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