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How often do you buy a really nice article of clothing - you wear it once and it looks amazing and then you throw it in the wash and oh my goodness it comes out so misshapen, the colour has changed and it never looks the same again??


It’s happened to me so often and almost every time it’s because I have not read the washing instructions on the garment.  Every item you buy will have washing instructions sewn into it but how often do we read them?  If you are like me, almost never.  I bought a beautiful cashmere sweater in the UK once and brought it home - it got thrown into a really hot wash and then put in the tumble drier - well safe to say that was the end of my sweater - it would probably only have fitted a two year old after that! It had shrunk unbelievably, was totally matted and out of shape.  I then read the washing instructions which said - wash by hand in cold water  and dry flat!!


Washing instructions are there for a reason, so  please read them - preferably before you buy the article - recently I saw a super dress that was on sale - it seemed too good to be true. I wore it once -  and then read the instructions which said - DRY CLEAN ONLY - I have spent more on dry cleaning than I did on the dress!


In case you are not sure of the symbols, here is a quick reference guide:

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29 may

Im good with understanding the labels however I’m still in the learning process of selecting the right choice on the machine

Me gusta
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