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We are at our peak load shedding stage during Heritage Month which seems quite fitting as it’s a truly South African phenomenon. We have put together 5 must-have items for a load-shedding survival kit. These items are a must to get you through dark times-literally!

1. Gas Cookers

Gas cookers are a great option for load shedding and cooking in general as it saves electricity- reducing that dreaded bill at the end of the month. You can opt for a gas hob or a gas stove that can fit perfectly into your kitchen theme.


Inverters are a lifesaver during load shedding and your load shedding survival kit is definitely incomplete without this item. Inverters assist is powering your electronics when the lights are out.

3. Voltage Protectors & Surge Protectors

Load shedding is known to have adverse effects on our electrical devices. Surge protectors also known as voltage protectors help us to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes in AC circuits. These items are essential in guarding and preserving our electrical devices during power surges.

4. Portable Power Stations

Portable Power Stations are capable of charging your electrical devices such as laptops, monitors, wifi routers, TVs and mobile devices. Hirsch’s stocks an Ellies Cube Terra Power Station which is lightweight, compact and boasts the latest technology.

5. Whistling Kettles

You don’t have to give up your tea time during load shedding. With our range of whistling kettles, you can enjoy your warm drink any time of the day. The kettle are great during load shedding but they also add a great look to your kitchen!

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