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Who doesn't crave delicious, healthier meals that save both time and money? Say hello to your new kitchen companion: the trusty AIR FRYER!

In recent years, the Air Fryer has skyrocketed in popularity, revolutionising the way we cook and enjoy our favourite foods. Whether it's crispy chips, golden nuggets, or perfectly toasted sandwiches, this ingenious device delivers mouth-watering results in record time!

 Compact, convenient, and a fixture on kitchen counters everywhere, the Air Fryer is a lifesaver, especially for busy households with hungry little ones. Bid farewell to forgotten pots on stovetops or dishes left in the oven—thanks to its built-in timer, your meals are cooked to perfection without wasting a single watt of electricity. As a vegan, my Air Fryer is a kitchen essential, crisping up chickpeas, caramelizing Brussels sprouts, or grilling cauliflower steaks for a barbecue feast. And let's not forget the joy of baking beer bread to perfection when rolls run out!

 From roasting a whole chicken with veggies to whipping up a quick batch of frozen chips, the Air Fryer does it all with finesse, making it the ultimate multitasking marvel in any kitchen. Trust me, once you have it, you won't know how you lived without it.But here's the real magic: the Air Fryer's versatility extends far beyond frying. It can grill, roast, bake, sauté, dehydrate, and keep food warm—all in one sleek package.

With the latest models like the DNA 36L Dual Airfryer Oven, cooking becomes even more effortless. Equipped with 16 accessories and 16 pre-set cooking functions, this powerhouse lets you prepare multiple dishes simultaneously, making entertaining a breeze.

Imagine cooking two different items at different temperatures simultaneously, thanks to dividers in newer models! Plus, clean-up is a breeze, leaving you with more time to savour your culinary creations.

So, say goodbye to greasy takeout and hello to healthier, happier meals—all thanks to the wonders of air frying!


The airfryer is equipped to crisp up those tasty treats in a jiffy!  It  is  compact, neat, sits on your counter and is something you will use every day - especially if you have children.  It’s fast, easy to use and for someone like me, who is used to using a microwave with a timer, no more forgetting  pots on the stove or dishes in the oven, the timer is a real boon as it will switch off when the food is cooked and will save a fortune in electricity.


Being vegan I use mine so often for making crispy chickpeas, roasting Brussel sprouts with maple syrup and cooking those cauliflower steaks before sticking them onto the braai! And talking of braai’s that beer bread comes out like a dream - fantastic if you run out of rolls!


From roasting a whole chicken and  veggies in one go,  to just cooking up some frozen chips to keep the kids quiet while you make dinner,  it’s undoubtedly the most versatile machine in anyone’s kitchen - you will find you literally can’t live without it.


The true beauty of an air fryer is that it can eliminate so many other appliances which are usually in that corner cupboard in the kitchen - it not only air fries but can grill, roast, bake, sauté, dehydrate food, keep food warm and so much more.

There are basically two types, one is the basket type which is super and easy to use - I can roast a whole chicken with veggies in half an hour - but the new ones are like mini ovens - the new DNA 36L Dual Airfyer Oven is a game changer. This Airfryer comes with 16 different accessories for different styles of cooking. It also has 4 different cooking elements which can be used independently, or collectively, depending on the meal that is being prepared. It has 16 pre-set cooking functions and is the prefect appliance to have when entertaining guests, allowing you to prepare multiple dishes at a time. An Airfryer oven is a pleasure to use as you can literally fill it with food, and it cooks so quickly that I can complete a dish in the time it takes for my big oven to heat up.


The newer air fryers have dividers in them so you can cook two different items at two different temperatures at the same time!!

Its fast, easy to use and even easier to clean, shop our incredible range at Hirsch's here!


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