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In Memoriam of my dear friend Dawn Lindberg who passed away from Covid related complications on my 70th birthday. Dawn I was never so sad as when I got to Zanzibar and our pictures were still on the fridge and the picture you gave me two years ago at Christmas was still hanging above the door, but it really all hit home when I found the note you left for me in the drawer after you tidied my cupboards in Zanzibar:

I have tidied your cupboards

You will not need blockout for the next 5 years

And you will not need mosquito spray for the next 10 years

But otherwise everything is now neat and tidy!!



I am happy to remember the good times we had and thankful for our friendship which was so unique. To Des, no words can begin to describe your loss but please remember the good times as there were many. All our thoughts and prayers are with you to get you through this difficult time and the end of a really difficult year but I am so thrilled that the Naledi’s went ahead as planned this year - even thought it was virtual - a first and a sign of Dawn’s resilience!!

Lots of love from Margaret and all the WOW ladies countrywide.

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