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A global leader on the subject of MIND POWER, Robin Banks, was the guest speaker at the latest Hirsch’s Entrepreneurs Workshop, which understandably was packed (virtually) with over 100 people attending the Zoom session and many more on Margaret’s Facebook page (Where the recording is available.) Held on a weekly basis (every Friday between 11 and 12) and hosted by the dynamic duo, award winning business women Margaret Hirsch and Business Coach Marlene Powell (ActionCOACH), the workshops have been a great draw card to fledgling and established businesses in South Africa. Margaret and Marlene both hold the firm belief that entrepreneurs will keep South Africa buoyant and they are determined to help them to succeed.

Robin congratulated Margaret and Marlene for setting up the Entrepreneurs Workshop platform and explained that right now what entrepreneurs need is not so much motivation but advice on transformation and that is what they were getting at these workshops.

Robin, a South African, who has travelled the world holding conferences on the subject of Mind Power, started out running youth leadership courses in his early days. When he held his first event, he managed to draw a crowd of twenty people. Fast forward to 2020 and after being coached by Mind Power expert, John Kehoe (who he holds in high regard) over the years, Robin now draws crowds in the hundreds of thousands.

Robin explained that at the beginning of the year he was fully booked globally, and when Covid hit, he went from “zero to hero” However, as he explained ; Change is not a force to be feared but an opportunity to be seized (Sam Weiss). His business is now 95% back on track and his mission is to transform consciousness on this planet. “We are going through change but we need to embrace it. If you want to make a lot of money, work a lot harder. Reduce your overheads and your business will profit more. Hire a business coach to keep your business fit and on track. Listen to talks; Study online; Manage your emotional state. Mentorship is crucial. Make sure that your thoughts, words and actions are in alignment. Make a commitment – and stick to it” were some pearls of wisdom from Robin.

November 20 will see two successful and talented experts in the social media field sharing their advice with attendees. Linked In expert, Este Pretorius a Client Attraction and Growth Specialist and Saysha Till, an authority on Facebook, Google ad and Instagram who owns her own company Immortal Art Design will give attendees insight on how to use social media more effectively in their businesses.

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