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It is a well-known fact that your surroundings have a direct impact on the way you feel, and a beautiful home will bring you joy and contentment .  Says Margaret Hirsch, “a home is not just a structure made from bricks and mortar, it is the life that happens inside it. There’s a difference between living in a place that you simply rely on for provisions of necessity like a bed and a bathroom and living in a place that you really feel at home in, and that is exactly what we have set out to demonstrate with our online “At Home with Hirsch’s” workshops, bringing in experts every month to provide tips and tricks to create their own sanctuary and turn houses into homes. From leading interior designers to bed specialists, there has been a new theme every month to make you fall in-love with your home again. There is no better feeling than getting something new and shiny for your home, and there is nothing like a vintage piece or antique that can tell a story for generations to come. Our special guest for this month is a Doyenne in the world of antiques and collectables, Muriel Mustard.”

Muriel started her shop in 1986 in Union Main building in Old Main Road Pinetown with only a few silver pieces that her mother had given to her, and now 35 years later she is still finding treasures here in South Africa. “I really love the work that I do especially when people walk in to the shop and ask me to tell them a story about antiques they may have. I am very proud of what I have achieved in my life and have learnt an encyclopaedia on the world of Antiques and collectibles.” She says. 

Muriel showcased her exciting range of exquisite pieces, each with their own little bit of history and also explained how to determine the age and worth of you own pieces, offering the online audience a chance to see what some of their items are worth. “These online events are enjoyed by all.  It is fantastic to be able to learn so much from so many wonderful people in different industries.” said Lindsay Kleynhans. Stay tuned for our next at Home with Hirsch’s on the 30th of October where we will dive into the world of furniture from how it’s made to the different styles and functionalities.

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