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Top business man, business coach and musician, Dr. Thabo Pitse was the guest speakers at the recently held Entrepreneurs workshop that is hosted virtually on a weekly basis by award winning business woman and Executive Director of the Hirsch’s Homestore Group, Margaret Hirsch and top Business Coach and 2020 ActionWOMAN of the Year winner, Marlene Powell.

Dr Pitse, who is considered by his peers to be a Rockstar Entrepreneur gave his audience sound advice on taking their businesses from “Good to Great”. He explained that his background and the advice from his mother, a hard working Domestic Worker, gave him the tools to get him to where he is today. “My Mum has always been an absolute stalwart in my life. She gave me the confidence I needed to set me free into the world. I always saw myself as a leader and that feeling has never left me. My advice to businesses right now is to make sure you have a plan in your business and in life. This is a good time to modify your core business. Come up with a smart model and test and measure.” Thabo, who is also one of the top Business Coaches with ActionCOACH and who is being coached by Marlene said that he was blown away by her advice and has seen his businesses thrive during this time.

“Taking one’s business from good to great requires self discipline and perseverance. You need to know what “great” looks like to you. Make sure you have a good system in place. Find ways to upskill yourself and be specific in what you want to achieve. You need business structures that support business owners”.

Join Margaret and Marlene Powell next week for a talk on the legalities of starting up a small business with Guest Speaker and the Founder of Legalese Eitan Stern. Follow this link : to log on.

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