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Our Best Gaming TV picks for the PS5 are sorted below for your easy reading.

Sony PlayStation recently launched the new PS5 with a spectacle of specialised features. These include high-frame-rate gameplay, HDR technology for better colour and realistic lifelike play. With this technology comes an array of new games with life-like capabilities and graphics. To truly experience the new games, you will require a TV with a higher viewing frame rate and picture quality.

The recommended TV to use with the new PS5 is one with a 4K picture quality to truly capture the experience. For perfect streaming, one would need to take into consideration the ports as they maximise streaming capability. Therefore HDMI 2.1 ports are a requisite to carry the bandwidth needed for 4K 120Hz gaming. We have listed our favourite picks below and why they would make the best gaming picks.

Our Favourite Picks

LG 65″ Smart OLED 4K TV– The LG 65″ Smart OLED 4K TV allows the viewer a true cinematic experience. It uses self-lit pixels that illuminate one by one which brings rich colour and contrast without interference. With the LG Smart OLED, you will get the purest colour with a fast response time without interruption. Which translates to an uninterrupted gaming experience. The picture quality paired with the sound quality of the LG Smart OLED adds a real-world experience.

Samsung 216cm(85″) 4K QLED TV – Samsung 216cm(85″) 4K QLED TV features a powerful experience that optimizes your picture and sound for an ideal gaming experience. Samsung allows for smooth motion and lifelike images which is ideal for the new range of PS5 games. It has Dynamic crystal colour with a UHD Processor with the power to orchestrate colour, optimize high contrast ratio, and master HDR. It also reduces input lag to give you the real-time gaming speed you need to beat the best.

Hisense 139cm(55″) Premium ULED Smart TV– The Hisense Premium ULED smart Tv allows for richer blacks and astonishing highlights. With its Full Array, Local Dimming Pro which has hundreds of LEDs that provide an out of this world picture quality. The Dolby Atmos Sound creates a 360° surround sound of impeccable quality for an immersive experience.

We recommend these TV’s as our favourites as they will allow you to enjoy the most out of our new PlayStation 5.

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