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At Hirsch's we have noticed a few interesting trends in the television market – and due to these trends, there’s every good reason for consumers to give consideration to making a solid purchasing choice for a new TV during our Black November sale.

TV prices have seen a notable decline since the beginning of the year and this is due to several factors. Firstly, advancements in manufacturing technologies have led to more efficient production processes, reducing overall production costs. Additionally, increased competition among TV manufacturers has intensified, prompting them to offer competitive pricing so as to capture a larger market share.

With the disruptions that were caused by COVID in the supply of components now no longer an issue, there is now a steady supply, therefore reducing the impact on manufacturing costs. As a result, consumers are witnessing a decline in the average price of televisions – thus making them more accessible.

There has also been a significant trend towards larger TV’s and this can be attributed to the growing popularity of home entertainment systems and immersive viewing experiences. With the rise of streaming services and enhanced visual content, consumers are opting for much larger screens to help recreate a cinematic atmosphere within the comfort of their homes- and this is also a major driver for the purchase of larger and more affordable TV’s.

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