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Learning and understanding the value of digital transformation in business was the topic under discussion at the recently held virtual Entrepreneurs Workshop that takes place on a weekly basis with hosts Margaret Hirsch (Executive Director of the Hirsch’s Homestore group) and Marlene Powell (Top Business Coach with ActionCOACH). Their guest speaker last Friday was Farai Mutiwanyuka - Digital Transformation specialist and Founder and CEO of the Sprouting Tree Group. Farai was recently awarded the distinction of becoming a Certified Digital Transformation Fellow.

She stressed the importance of digital transformation in the workplace, explaining that by 2023 digitally transformed businesses are forecast to contribute to more than half of the global GDP. “Digital transformation includes a variety of new technologies, all designed to cut out the challenges that face entrepreneurs, including cash flow management, hiring of employees, choosing the right product or service and time management.” She said that nearly 80% of top performing companies have used marketing automation for more than two years, explaining that automation also helps with repetitive tasks, workflow, daily and specific tasks and lead processes.

Farai shared a variety of apps to assist businesses to get ahead, including ways to help them automate their social media. Her website details were in demand with attendees, and she can be reached

Marlene said that she encouraged her clients and business owners generally to cut down on their time by automating and systemizing their businesses and making use of digital technology as a must have time saver. Margaret echoed these sentiments, pointing out that it was important to have the right tools at ones finger tips and explain that big companies like Hirsch’s had found digital transformation methods to be an absolute boon as a time saver.

Join Margaret and Marlene on Friday, August 27 when they will welcome Professional Speaker and Behavioural Change Coach Yoke van Dam as their Guest Speaker. Yoke’s company Y-Connect empowers leaders and teams to find their voice and teaches sales teams how to get people to buy into their ideas and to action them. Her talk is entitled How to influence and create a need for your products or services. Follow this link to log on

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