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Welcome to the future, folded neatly in your pocket! Since its first iteration, the Samsung Galaxy ZFlip series has been turning heads and flipping expectations. Each version has unfurled new advancements, leaving us eagerly awaiting what’s next. And as expected, Samsung hasn’t disappointed. 

The Samsung Galaxy ZFlip 5 is a device that surpasses its predecessors, the Flip 4 and Flip 3, in both charm and functionality and does so with a flair that’s hard to ignore. If you’re wondering how it stacks up against its foldable family and whether it’s worth making the switch (or the flip, in this case), you’re in the right place. 

Let’s unpack the complex world of ZFlip 5 and find out what makes it the talk of the tech town.

The Marvel of Modern Technology: The Galaxy ZFlip 5

Let’s start by unfolding the Galaxy ZFlip 5 feature by feature and explore the intricacies that make this device outstanding in the smartphone arena.

A Canvas Unfolded

The Samsung Galaxy ZFlip 5’s Main Screen is a masterpiece of engineering, featuring a seamless 6.7-inch FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X display that delivers vibrant colours and deep contrasts. With a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, navigating through your daily tasks feels as smooth as silk. Whether for work or play, this display brings your content to life in stunning clarity and fluid motion.

Cover Screen Magic

Not to be outdone, the Cover Screen on the ZFlip 5 is more than just a peek. It boasts a fully functional 3.4-inch Super AMOLED display that keeps you informed and in control. You can check notifications, take calls, or even snap a selfie without flipping your device open. It offers convenience at a glance, redefining what you can do with your phone folded.

What is a Super AMOLED Display?

Super AMOLED is a type of screen technology used in smartphones and TVs. It’s a more advanced version of AMOLED screens, which are made up of organic compounds that glow when electricity passes through them, allowing for thinner films and a way to control each pixel’s light output. What makes Super AMOLED stand out is that it combines the touch sensors and the display into one layer, making the screens thinner, more touch-sensitive, and better at being seen in direct sunlight. They also use less power, show brighter and more colourful images, and respond more quickly to motion than traditional LCD screens.

Unlike LCD displays, Super AMOLED screens don’t need a backlight. Each pixel generates its own light, which helps save energy. This is especially useful for battery-powered devices, extending the battery’s life.

Camera Excellence

The Galaxy ZFlip 5 is equipped with a dual-camera system that aims to redefine your photography experience. Featuring a 12MP Ultra Wide Camera and a 12MP Wide-angle Camera, the device is ready to capture life’s moments with stunning detail and clarity. Night or day, your photos are guaranteed to be vibrant and sharp, thanks to its enhanced low-light capabilities.

Performance Powerhouse

Underneath its sleek exterior, the ZFlip 5 houses a cutting-edge processor that ensures smooth, efficient performance across all tasks. Coupled with 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of internal storage, this device is not just about looks—it’s a beast ready for multitasking, gaming, and everything in between.

Battery Life That Lasts

The Samsung Galaxy ZFlip5 showcases impressive battery life, ensuring users can rely on their device throughout the day and then some. Let’s break down how this device performs across different activities:

  • General Use: Longevity is the name of the game, with approximately 1 day and 22 hours of battery life.

  • Video Streaming: Enjoy your favourite shows and movies for approximately 7 hours and 13 minutes without needing a recharge.

  • Web Browsing: Surf the internet for around 12 hours and 21 minutes on a single battery cycle, perfect for long browsing sessions.

  • Gaming: Dive into your games for about 5 hours and 6 minutes before it’s time to power up again.

This structured approach to battery usage illustrates just how versatile the ZFlip5 is, catering to a wide range of needs and preferences.

Flex Mode Fun

The Samsung Galaxy ZFlip 5’s Flex Mode is a remarkable feature that elevates the user experience to new heights. This innovative design allows the ZFlip 5 to literally stand on its own, bending at various angles like a mini laptop. This offers a hands-free experience for video calls, making conversations more comfortable and natural, and it also introduces a fresh approach to content creation and consumption.

  • Flex Mode divides the ZFlip 5’s screen into two independent displays when activated. The top half can show content, such as a video or the camera’s viewfinder, while the bottom half transforms into a control panel or offers additional information. This dual-screen functionality is perfect for multitasking or enhancing app usability.

For example, while on a video call, the top half of the screen displays the caller, whereas the bottom half can show controls like mute, end call, or switch camera. This setup mimics the convenience of using a desktop application but with the added benefit of being portable.

  • Content creators will find Flex Mode particularly appealing. When taking photos or recording videos, the camera app leverages Flex Mode by placing the preview on the top screen and the controls on the bottom, making capturing shots from unique angles easier without tripods or awkward hand placements. Imagine setting the phone down, bending it to the perfect angle, and snapping a group photo with everyone in the frame, including yourself, using a timer. Or recording a cooking video without pausing to adjust the camera.

  • For consumers, watching videos becomes more enjoyable with Flex Mode. You can place the ZFlip 5 on a table and watch your favourite shows without holding the phone or needing an additional stand. The viewing angle can be adjusted for optimal visibility, whether you’re sitting at a desk or lying down.

  • Flex Mode’s adaptability also extends to other apps, such as reading an article with the text on the top screen. At the same time, the bottom serves as a scroll pad, or using the calculator app with the keypad on the lower half for easy input. This seamless integration of hardware and software tailors the smartphone experience to fit the user’s lifestyle, making technology more intuitive and fun to use.

Samsung Galaxy ZFlip 5 FAQs

Let’s tackle a few commonly asked questions. 

Is ZFlip 5 Waterproof?

The question on every potential buyer’s mind: can this beauty swim? Well, sort of. The Galaxy ZFlip 5 boasts an IPX8 water resistance rating. This means it can happily take a dunk in fresh water up to 1.5 meters deep for around 30 minutes. So, while it’s not exactly aspiring to be a marine biologist, it’s resilient enough to survive those heart-stopping toilet drops or unexpected rain showers. Just remember, it’s water-resistant, not invincible!

What is the difference between Samsung Flip 4 and 5?

The leap from Flip 4 to Flip 5 is like upgrading from a comfy sedan to a sporty coupe. The most notable advancements include a larger cover screen, allowing for greater functionality without opening the phone. The ZFlip 5’s display offers quick access to notifications, widgets, and even full app functionalities. 

Under the hood, the Flip 5 speeds ahead with an upgraded processor for smoother performance, longer battery life, and enhanced camera capabilities that promise crisper, more vibrant photos. Samsung has also refined the design, making the Flip 5 sleeker and more durable, ensuring it not only looks good but can take a bit of a tumble.

How much does a Z5 Flip cost?

Ah, the golden question. The price of innovation doesn’t come cheap, but it might not break the bank either. The Galaxy ZFlip 5’s price can vary depending on the region and the specific deals or promotions available at the time of purchase. However, at the time of publishing, the ZFlip 5 starts at approximately R29,399.99. 

For the most current pricing, it’s best to check your nearest Hirsch’s store. They’ll have all the details on pricing, including any special offers or finance plan, to help you get your hands on this foldable marvel without folding your wallet in half.

Is it worth it to buy a Samsung Galaxy ZFlip 5?

To flip or not to flip, that is the question. The Galaxy ZFlip 5 is not just a phone; it’s a statement. It’s for those who want the cutting-edge of technology in a compact form factor that turns heads every time it’s flipped open. With its water resistance, larger cover screen, enhanced performance, and camera upgrades, it’s a significant step up from its predecessors. If these features sing to your tech-loving heart, and you’re all about embracing the future today, then yes, the ZFlip 5 is absolutely worth it. Plus, the envy in your friends’ eyes? Priceless.

Flipping Amazing!

The Samsung Galaxy ZFlip 5 isn’t just another smartphone; it’s a peek into the future of mobile technology folded neatly into your present. With its blend of style, functionality, and sheer innovation, it sets a new benchmark for what we expect from our gadgets. 

Ready to flip your phone experience on its head? Swing by your nearest Hirsch’s store and discover the Samsung Galaxy ZFlip 5, along with other Samsung marvels. Our friendly staff are eager to help you unfold your next digital adventure. Because at Hirsch’s, we believe the future is not just something you look forward to – it’s something you can hold in your hand today.

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