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In order to stay healthy we should consume at least four to five fruits and veggies a day - but who has time for that in our fast paced world?? Health is what we discuss so often and mostly how to feel good and how to loose weight - especially now summer is over and winter is creeping in - its always so comforting to eat that big sticky bun or piping hot bread - but is that good for you - or your waistline?

The quickest easiest way to stay healthy when living a hectic lifestyle, especially as it starts to get cooler, is to juice!! Forget that morning cup of coffee - start with a healthy carrot and apple juice - it will give you a boost and ensure you feel good all day long.

You’re Working from home and its 4 pm and you can feel that your blood sugar has dropped so you shove any junk you can find in the fridge into your mouth - STOP- get some celery, cucumber and kale out - add some fruit if you like and you have a healthy green smoothie that will alkaline your body, make you feel good and take away those hunger pangs.  It will also fill you up enough so you don’t have that extra helping at dinner or that sandwich after supper!


 No one has time these days to eat a whole lot of celery or chew on  carrots during the day, but you can juice all your veggies and drink them rather than eat them!!  I usually add an apple to any juice that I am not going to drink straight away as it has a natural preservative in it and I always add a bit of ginger to just give it that extra oomph.  Adding ginger or mint for a lovely healthy flavour boost is also a great idea!

Do your best to cut down on the coffee that is so easy to drink all day long and try and replace at least one or two cups (especially in the afternoon) with a super fruit or veggie juice to give you the boost you need .


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