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December 9, 2015
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Take care of how you speak to yourself

They’re enough to annoy and can easily ruin
your day right from the start.

They’re those little things, like something left out
of place, a cabinet door not closed, or the toothpaste
cap left off or even a light left on all night

Before you know it all these “little things” annoy you
and can throw you into a bad mood and ruin you’re day.

Then you’re in a negative mood and you start having all
these negative thoughts pop up.

That’s what happens with thoughts, they attract similar
thoughts. Positive thoughts attract more positive thoughts
and create positive energy.

Negative thoughts attract negative thoughts and create
negative energy. When you let those little things get to
you, what could have been a good or great day can
quickly turn into a bad or terrible day.

So don’t let that happen.

Don’t let the little things get to you.

Here’s how:

When you feel annoyed by something small, stop and
change the way you’re seeing things – look at the big picture
and think about what’s really important.

Then what ever is annoying you, fix it, change it, alter it
make it better. If the toothpaste cap is off, put it back on
and move on. If the cabinet door is left open, close it and
move on. After you’ve completed the action, focus on
the big picture – which is to simply have a terrific day.

You can go one step further, and tell yourself: “I’m having
a terrific day, everything is working out for me.”

By doing the above you shut out the negative thoughts, you
prevent them from spreading and you don’t allow yourself
to create any negative energy.

Instead, you focus on the bigger picture, and you create
positive energy so that you have a terrific day – or you get
your mind to focus on what you want – your choice.

So when you wake up in the morning, or even when
you go to bed, don’t allow the little things to annoy you,
they’re just little things – focus on the bigger picture.

Think about what you want, and you’ll block out the
negative thoughts and negative energy. In the process
you’ll create more positive energy and enjoy life.

Work with this every day and you will be sure to change

your life around.

– If you’re ready to get rid of those negative thoughts
and create more positive energy then start working with
the power of your subconscious mind today.


Focus on what you want and not what you dont want

Focus on the good and ignore the bad

Live in an attitude of gratitude and you will be astounded as to how much

better your life will be in a very short time.


To your success

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.