Take charge of your life today.
December 15, 2016
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December 15, 2016
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Take charge of your life today.

You have a trusted friend who will do anything you ask It will bring you what you want and is working to help you
24 hours a day, 7-days a week.

This friend and partner is working for you right now.

But to get this friend, or partner to respond and bring you what you want – you have to speak to it the right way and give it the right instructions.

If you don’t work with this partner the right way, it won’t bring you what you want. Instead, it will bring you what you don’t want.

This partner is your subconscious mind.

It’s always at work for you, always responding to your instructions.

Those instructions are your thoughts and beliefs. 

If you have the right thoughts and beliefs, it will bring you what you want. You’ll make more money, you’ll meet the
right people, you’ll get the right job you’ll make the right choices and you’ll
get what you want.

However, when you have the wrong beliefs, the wrong thoughts, you’ll end up struggling, you, life will get more difficult, you’ll get into bad relationships, you won’t enjoy life and you’ll feel like you just can’t seem to get ahead.

If you’re not getting what you want, if you feel like you’re struggling and just can’t seem to get ahead, if you’re not making as much money as you want, if you’re not at the job you want, if you’re not in the relationship you want or if things just don’t seem to be working out for you then you’re giving your subconscious and your inner powers the wrong instructions.

You need to give them the right instructions, so that they bring you what you want, so that you get what you want and so that you start enjoying life

Your negative thoughts and negative beliefs are destroying your life and making it harder and harder for you to get what you want.

Your subconscious and inner powers pick up on your thoughts and beliefs. If you have more negative than positive thoughts you’ll end up with more negative than positive beliefs.

And that’s why life gets harder and harder

Your subconscious and inner powers follow your thoughts and beliefs. These are they’re instructions.

You speak to your subconscious and inner powers with your thoughts and beliefs.

When your thoughts and beliefs are negative, you’ll end up with a negative life, you’ll get more of what you don’t want and it will get harder to break the negative cycle.

You might want to make a million dollars but if you don’t think and believe you can make a million – you won’t.

You might want to meet the right person and be in a great relationship, but if you don’t think and believe you can
meet the right person, you’ll keep meeting the wrong kind of person.

The longer those negative beliefs and negative thoughts stay on your subconscious mind – the harder life will get.

That’s because you’ll keep creating more and more negative thoughts and negative beliefs and your subconscious
will continue to bring you more of what you don’t want.

Now you need to change that.
You need to speak to your subconscious and inner powers the right way. You need to ask your friend and partner to
bring you what you want. And you do that by getting rid of the negative thoughts and negative beliefs that are blocking your success.

Then you give your subconscious and your inner powers the right instructions, so that they bring
you exactly what you want –

Take charge of your life today. 
Take charge of your subconscious mind and inner powers today.
Give them the right messages, the right instructions so they bring you exactly what you want

Wishing you tremendous success..

Sent with love
Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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