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June 16, 2016
Use your power to achieve greater success
June 17, 2016
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Take control of your life

It’s the great deceiver and if you’re not
careful, if you don’t take control, the great
deceiver will get the better of you.

It will convince you that you can’t do something.
It gets you to give up even though you really want
to succeed and have a better life.

You’ll keep trying, hoping, maybe praying that
things will get better but the great deceiver will
get you to give up, get down on yourself, and
make you feel like nothing will get better.

Don’t believe the great deceiver.

This great deceiver is your mind and all the
negative thoughts it comes up with force you
to give up on yourself.

Those negative thoughts are thoughts and
beliefs which say you’re not good enough and
that you’ll never be able to get ahead.

You want to achieve your goals.
You decide this time you’re going to succeed.

And so you get started.
Then your mind starts to play it’s games.
Telling you that you need to wait, try another day,
you don’t know what you’re doing, you can’t do this,
not right now or you’re not smart enough

It comes up with all kinds of excuses (negative thoughts)
that force you to stop or give up.
That’s how the mind deceives you.

There’s no good reason to stop, quit or give up. Instead,
you just have to take control of the great deceiver.
Now I show you how to do just that so you get what
you want and and enjoy greater success…

Your mind is always working, always thinking,
always looking for something to think about.

When left unchecked, when it’s not directed, when
you don’t control it, your mind will come up with it’s
own thoughts, and those thoughts will mostly be
negative. Before you know it, you’ll have negative
beliefs. And that’s when life gets harder and harder.

If you’re not enjoying the life you want,
if you’re not making as much money as you want,
if you’re not in the relationship you want,
If you’re not in the job you want,
if you can’t find the right job,
If you’re struggling and just not happy,
Then you’re not directing your mind.
You’re not taking charge. You’re not controlling
your mind

You’re not taking charge and creating your life.

Instead, your mind is just running on autopilot.
And it keeps feeding your subconscious the
negative thoughts and negative beliefs that create
more pain and more struggle.

Your subconscious simply creates your life based
on what you think and believe.

When you don’t take charge of your mind and take
control of your thoughts and beliefs you keep creating
more negative thoughts and more negative beliefs.

So your subconscious just creates more negative situations.
Your subconscious keeps bringing you more pain and
more struggle because that’s what it thinks you want.

But… and this is how you change everything…
You’re in charge of your mind.
You can control it and direct it.
You can choose your thoughts and beliefs.
All you have to do is take control.

So today take charge of your mind.
Take back control.
Feed your subconscious the right information.
Give it positive thoughts and positive beliefs so
that it brings you what you want, so that you enjoy
greater success and live the kind of life you desire.
Just follow the steps I share with you and you’ll take
control of your mind, your subconscious mind and your life

When you hear those negative thoughts it’s just your
mind deceiving you. So as soon as you hear those
negative thoughts take charge and take control

When you try to change your thoughts or get your
mind to work differently it will fight back.
It will put up resistance.

When that happens think about what you want.
Think about making and having more money.
Think about getting and having the right job.
Think about being with the right person.
Think about being healthy and full of life.
Focus on what you want.

Now tell yourself that you can have what you want.

Your mind will fight back.
It wants to keep those negative thoughts
and negative beliefs.

You have to get rid of all those negative thoughts and
negative beliefs that have been planted on your
subconscious mind.

The longer they stay on your subconscious the more
the harder life will get.

So if you constantly feel like giving up,
If you hear yourself saying: not now, or wait
If you think you don’t know how to
Or that you can’t do something – then your mind
is simply giving you negative feedback and deceiving you.

Today you put an end to that.
Today you take charge of your mind.
Today you get rid of the negative feedback from your mind.
Today you get rid of the negative thoughts and
negative beliefs that hold you back.
You get rid of those blocks on your subconscious mind.
Now you direct your mind and subconscious mind to
bring you exactly what you want –

You are a powerful person.
You can create what ever you want in life.
You can achieve all your goals.
You can have exactly what you want.

Don’t let your mind deceive.
Don’t let the negative thoughts and
negative beliefs stop you.

Get rid of them.
Take control of your mind.
Give your subconscious mind the right instructions.
So that you get what you want in life
So that you live the life you want to live – now you take control
Wishing you tremendous success…
Margaret Hirsch

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.