February 9, 2017
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February 9, 2017
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The Belief + Action = Results

Do you make decisions or do you merely make wishes?

I can tell you that, until I began to really study myself, I never made decisions! I may have thought I did, but I wasn’t truly committed to most of them. I would say I’m going to do something and I would even start out, but as soon as the going got tough….I found some excuse not to follow through.

In my case, and I believe for many people, the cause of indecision is fear! Fear of making the wrong decision. Fear of failure. Fear of upsetting or disappointing someone. I didn’t believe in myself enough to stand firm!

Indecision causes internal emotional conflict – or ambivalence – which will lead to chaos. The ability to make decisions brings order to our minds and, in turn, order to our results.

The word decision originated from the Latin words de (meaning “off”) and caedere (meaning “to cut”) which means when we make a decision, we are cutting ourselves off from any other possibility. It is a commitment….not a mere wish or hope.

This is VERY IMPORTANT as the universe responds only to committed decisions, because remember, you have to actually believe whatever your decision is, is happening!

Dr. Carole N. Hildebrand stated that “Committed decisions show up in two places: your calendar and your checkbook.” If you look back through these two items over the last year, what are you dedicating your time and money to?

Okay, okay so if making decisions is so important, how do we get better at it?

When faced with a decision, ask yourself five questions:

  1. Do I want to do, be or have this?
  2. Will being, doing or having this move me in the direction of my goal?
  3. Is being, doing or having this in harmony with God’s laws or the Laws of the Universe?
  4. Will being, doing or having this violate the rights of others?
  5. What is your intuition telling you?

If the answer to the first three questions is “yes” and the fourth question is “no” listen to your intuition, make your decision and take action!

May You be Blessed with Excellent Health, Abundant Prosperity and Eternal Happiness!

The Belief + Action = Results Team

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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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