The Denim Jacket

July 13, 2018
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July 13, 2018
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The Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is definitely something just about every woman has in their wardrobe, and the most versatile piece of clothing that goes with just about anything, thats why I loved this article from one of my favourite site the

If there’s one jacket to throw on over basically anything, it’s the denim jacket. But we’re not talking about the tight, cropped versions that we wore non-stop in the 2000’s. Nope, the new wave of denim jackets are oversized, vintage-looking, and anything but fitted. Which, hello, leaves more room for all the snacks, but it’s also a fit that can be tricky to style. It can go from cool to frumpy real quick, but here are 6 ways to do it right.

1. Over Your Shoulders With a Mini








When looking for slightly more coverage or to dress down a mini, lay the denim jacket over your shoulders. This isn’t the most practical style, but it offers an effortless vibe you’d see French girls wearing.

2. With Colours and Prints










The best thing about denim is that it goes with everything — especially a lighter, vintage-y wash like this. It looks good with white, black, colored, or printed pants, and really any piece of clothing underneath.

3. As a Canadian Tuxedo








Obviously! Denim on denim looks equal parts cool and easy when done right. Look for denim of similar washes when pairing together, and keep things simple elsewhere. A striped shirt, a neutral tote, and sneakers provide the perfect weekend pairing.

4. Over a Tight Dress







Love the appeal of a tight dress but not wanting to show off your back side? Or living in fitted dresses while preggers? An oversized denim jacket is about to be your BFF! If your jacket is seriously oversized, this is a good way to still show off your shape while keeping things balanced.


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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