The guide to choosing sunglasses

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The guide to choosing sunglasses

Some fashion girls are addicted to collecting sunglasses, and I completely understand.  Thanks to for narrowing down the trends to 5 top styles. Based on runway and street style trends, they have narrowed down the search to select styles that range from the affordable to the luxe, should you want to feed your shade obsession. I know finding the perfect sunglasses can be difficult, but hopefully the list below will steer you in the right direction.


Embellished glasses

Embellished sunglasses took over the Spring/Summer ’18 runways of fashion houses such as Dolce & Gabbana and Miu Miu. Fashion girls will notice that their favorite frame silhouettes will be covered in designs from pearls and colorful gems to 3D Florals










Tinted Shades

Your surroundings will seem more colourful than usual with a pair of tinted shades. Fun colours like pastel yellow and pink brighten up outfits and offer fashion girls a cooler alternative to basic black aviators. Find the frame that suits your face in your favourite colour.

Retro cat-eye

Gigi Hadid loves her retro cat-eye frames, so you know the style is popular with the It crowd. Unlike your regular cat-eye options, look for updated sunglasses that feature pointy edges and a slightly smaller lens style.


Fans of oversize sunglasses will fall in love with sporty frames that resemble ski goggles. Stars like Kaia Gerber are already rocking them, which proves the style is high fashion enough for the streets.


Flat-top Visors

You’ve probably noticed Victoria Beckham always rocking her flat-top visors. The frame shape is flattering, and the classic style works season after season. If she sports these all around town, you can bet everyone else will soon follow suit.


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